Another Super Easy Cake

Two posts in one day!  Bonus!

Here is another cake that only requires one bowl.  This one is even easier than Tuesday’s Lemon Loaf Cake because you don’t even have to sift the flour.  However, you do have to separate eggs, but you don’t whip them.

Coconut Friands

Aren’t these the cutest little cakes?  Well, anything baked in a mini muffin pan is cute, but believe me, they didn’t look that good when the batter was being mixed up.

In fact, the batter was a little troubling to me.  It was thick and lumpy and seemed kinda greasy.  I didn’t want to overmix it, since the recipe advises restraint while whisking, but I’m not sure I even achieved the right batter texture.  Maybe it was my organic, lowfat coconut?  I don’t know, but I’ll be curious to see how this recipe turned out for other folks.

Oh?  Didn’t I tell you?  I joined another online cooking/baking group.  It’s called French Fridays with Dorie and they’re cooking and baking through her book Around My French Table.  I am joining a little late–they’ve been going at it since 2010, but there’s still a fair number of recipes left in the book and, though I have had this book since 2010, I have used it very little.  This group will hopefully give me a little more motivation to use this book.

Anyway, back to the cakes.  Dorie suggests a little fruit in the middle of the cake, but I decided to use jam and I think it’s a good addition.  It’s my homemade blueberry raspberry jam and I think it goes well with the slightly chewy texture of the cake.  The jam lends some fruity flavor and  also makes it kinda like a tart.

I got 18 little cakes from my batch.  These would be perfect  for a tea party or a buffet meal where there might be lots of other choices.  It could also be good for a diet, if you could limit yourself to just one.  That’s a big If, though, because they are pretty tasty.

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  1. Welcome on board! You’ll definitely have fun with this group. I like the way the jam looks in the center of your friands. Eye-popping.

  2. I’m definitely going to try them with fruit and jam next time.

  3. Welcome to the group! I think you’ll find lots of delicious recipes in this book!

  4. Welcome aboard!
    Your friands looks lovely with the filling in the center.
    I think you’ll have fun with this group – its a really great group of people.

  5. Nice lady, I have gained 5 pounds since I started following your blog :-/

  6. Glad you’re joining us! It’s nice group of people and we have learned a lot.

    I love the little thumbprints of jam in your cakes – looks beautiful.

  7. Welcome to FFWD! I’m a late joiner as well (early January) but I am having lots of fun with it and I hope you will too! Your little coconut cakes look great and I’m sure the jam tasted delicious!

  8. Beautiful idea with the jam and gorgeous pictures!

  9. Great idea with the jam and beautiful pictures!

  10. The jam is a beautiful idea. Love the photos.

  11. Welcome. You’ll love this group. And, jam, what a good idea.

  12. Welcome to the group! How fun that you used jam-oh and most impressed with two posts in a day 🙂

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