Freedom is Not for Me

I had some extra free time last week, so I got my Leftovers quilt all basted up and ready for me to start quilting.  I planned to try free motion quilting for the first time, so before I began, I made some practice quilt sandwiches and practiced.

I don’t think they turned out too badly.  I was pretty happy with them.   The stitches weren’t too regular, but the general idea came across ok.

I thought I could use a little extra help, so I watched some really helpful Youtube videos on fmq and practiced some more.

And then, as usual for me, I got all impatient to “do the real thing” and I started quilting.

At first, I wanted to do a regular figure eight kind of thing, but I found it really hard to make it look regular.  It was all those quilt seams getting in my way.  I won’t get into the minute details, but I’ll just say that my machine has no special equipment for this kind of quilting so I was “winging” it.

Halfway through my first pass at the figure eight thing, I abandoned that plan and started doing random loops.  That was so much better.

Until this happened.

Don’t ask me how I got my quilt all folded up and quilted together like that.  All I know is now I have to take those stitches out or perhaps leave it and call it a 3-D quilted sculpture?

I think this might be the most hideous quilt job ever done.  One thing that is really making it difficult is that I pieced together the backing, so I have to deal with seams on both the top and bottom of the quilt.  This just might be my first and last fmq project.  Now, I know why every article or video I read or watched about fmq paired the activity with alcohol.  Although, it has to be said, if I can mess up this badly without alcohol in my system, what would it be like if I had a drink?


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  1. First off..I think your quilting looks great for the first attempt! We all start out like that. You get better with practice. Don’t quit…just practice. I have to laugh every time I hear the advice to have a glass of wine while quilting. I’m with you…I can’t imagine what it would look like!!
    And for sewing your quilt together. That made me laugh, too (sorry). I do it all the time! And every time, I say I’ll be more careful next time. And I still do it again. I think we get so caught up in the flow of the fmq that we don’t think about how we’re “grabbing” the fabric.
    Anyway…don’t quit!!! Just practice. And try this site….

  2. Well, if it makes you feel any better, I am at this moment, taking out an entire row of knitting (241 sts) …one…stitch…at…a…time…If ever there was a time for alcohol, it is AFTER the error, not before 😉 Is is 5 o’clock yet?

  3. I think it is great that you tried a new skill! I actually think your stitching looks great. You should defintely give it another crack!

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