Gearing Up for the Weekend with the Help of Stew

I have had a really busy week.  It didn’t seem so during the first half, but the cumulative effect of running around and doing the normal everyday stuff of life has caught up with me at the end and knocked me over.  And I have a two day workshop to attend this weekend.  Oi.  Sometimes I feel like I get to the weekend that I have looked forward to all week and find that it is busier than the weekday routine.  Then, at the end of the weekend, I want another weekend to make up for the one I didn’t get.

At least, at the end of this week, and before I embark on a busy weekend, I have this to sustain me.

Navarin Printanier  aka Spring Lamb Stew

I meant to make this earlier in the week so I could leisurely write up this post, but I had a hard time finding the lamb.  Well, at least, lamb I was willing to pay for.  Is it just me or has the price of lamb doubled since the last time I looked?  Anyway, I looked at several grocery stores before I resorted to the big box store called Costco.  All that running around (while also contributing to me feeling of extreme business this week) meant that I am just now getting around to making this today, posting day.

This is a lovely one-pot meal and one that makes the house smell wonderful.  I did the first step of browning and simmering the meat at lunchtime and then turned it off after its 45 minute simmer.  Also, I used some of my homemade asian beef stock and minced the garlic instead of leaving it whole.

The whole pot waited there until an hour before dinner, when I got the veggies ready and did the final braising steps.  Instead of using fresh baby onions, I got some frozen ones and that cut down the prep time and the number of dishes to do at the end.  We like our veggies, so I doubled the amount of veggies, but not the peas (I thought 2.5 cups of peas would be Way Too Much) or the turnip (the kids aren’t big fans of turnips).  This also helps the meat stretch farther, and at the price of lamb these days, that’s important.

We served it with some toasted slices of bacon and cheese levain that I made earlier in the week.  The meat was wonderfully soft and the veggies were cooked just right.  I tell you, if it were not for joining the FFWD group, I would not have made dinner today and that would have been sad, because this is one tasty stew.  I think it will go a long way toward keeping me going during this busy weekend.

If you want to see more, go here.  The recipe is in Dorie’s book, Around My French Table.

How about you?  What do you have going on this weekend?


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  1. thekitchenlioness

    Wonderful photos of your stew – looks delicious. I am glad that you and your family enjoyed the Navarin Printanier! Hopefully next week will not be as busy and you will enjoy your weekend despite all the tasks ahead!

  2. Ohhh, I felt your “tired”, I really did. But then you interject such things as “homemade asian beef stock” and “toasted slices of bacon and cheese levain that I made earlier in the week” and, I think, that woman is a dynamo. No WONDER you are exhausted. Your stew looked delicious and I will add more veggies next time also. Yeah, everyone had a tough time finding lamb. I had an extra shoulder in the freezer that I had purchased at, guess where, Costco. Bought 2 at the time.

    • haha! This made me laugh! I can be over-ambitious, but it’s usually all worth the effort. I had the broth in the freezer, so it was no extra work for me. This stew was worth any extra work, anyway.

  3. Looks beautiful! I hope next week is easier for you. My mom always buys her legs of lamb at Costco. Unfortunately, there isn’t one where I live right now. Booo.

  4. ooh that bread sounds great! And obviously your stew looks delicious too!

  5. I made that exact dish at the beginning of last week after a lovely sale on New Zealand lamb. ( I added some sweet potatoes right at the end). We nibbled on it all week 🙂

  6. Nice job on this delicious stew. I think it’s a keeper.

  7. Lamb from Costco? Frozen pearl onions? Genius! I only wish I’d seen your post earlier. Looks delicious!

  8. That’s what I love about this group as well, I just wouldn’t get around to making most of these dishes if it wasn’t for the group! We loved this stew as well, my kids weren’t keen on the turnips either!

  9. Yum, your stew looks wonderful! I love the bacon and cheese levain!

  10. I hear you about busy weekends on top of busy weeks. I try not to have those that often, but sometimes it is unavoidable. I hope you do get some rest in between. Your stew looks wonderful! Yes, I think the price of lamb has gone up and was surprised that I had to go to so many stores to find the lamb I was looking for. I didn’t think to look at Costco!

  11. Yeah, I’ll be heading to costco for this today. Great idea. This looks great. Great ideas. Sometimes it pays to be late. I just now only go the sardines up. I’m a straggler but then I get all the best ideas! Thanks.

  12. Your stew looks great! A very nice sauce, and a good idea about using frozen onions. This was an enjoyable dish, wasn’t it?

  13. Very lovely. Yes, it is very frustrating that weekends don’t always allow the chance to catch a breath from the – I often find myself in that situation…

  14. I’m glad you were finally able to make this stew! Looks great!

  15. I got my lamb at a local butcher shop, but I have friends who swear that Costco lamb is the best around. Yours is a good advertisement for it.

  16. lamb does tend to be a bit expensive…. wonder why it’s so expensive sometimes and not at others… ?

  17. I bet the bread was great with the stew. Bacon and Cheese… what could be better!

  18. The stew is impressive enough, but your bread sounds delicious! I can’t imagine making this during the week. I thought the lamb was expensive, too, but we fed 5 people so I can’t complain. Very nicely done! I’m all for 2nd weekends!

  19. I can so appreciate the weekend to replace a lost weekend dilemma! I, too, find myself racing to get the Dorie dish done in time but it doesn’t always happen. But it’s always fun!

  20. Your stew looks beautiful! I had to buy my lamb at Costco too; they definitely had the best price. This really was a wonderful stew and I will certainly be making it again.

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