The Year of Completion

Without really intending to, I seem to have made it a point to finish a lot of works in progress so far this year.  When the year started, I had about 15 (maybe more!) unfinished knitting projects.  Somehow, I have not been super inspired to start a lot of new projects (just a few), so I have been working quite a bit on ones that have been lurking around.  As a result, my works in progress knitting list has been whittled down to 7 or 8 or 10 (depending on how you count, of course).  This is a very low number of works in progress for me and it feels a little strange.

My latest finished project is one I started way back in April of last year. Here it is unblocked.


This is the Wakame Tunic.  I used a pure silk yarn that I found when the husband and I went to New York City a couple of years ago.  The yarn itself was a little funny to work with.  It came on a cone and I’m not even really sure if it has a name.  It might have been something leftover from a manufacturing place…I don’t know.

In any case, this was an interesting garment to knit.  First, you knit a long rectangle for the bottom and graft the ends to make a tube.  Then, you pick up stitches from the sides of the tube and knit the body in the round up to armholes.  Once you divide the front from the back, you cast on stitches on both sides for the sleeves so that you are basically knitting the top of the tunic from cuff to cuff.  This resulted in a crazy large number of stitches.  One row took me over 15 minutes  to do, but at least when I was done, I didn’t have any more pieces to knit.


Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this thing when I was done.  I don’t think I have ever worn a tunic or even tried one on in my whole life.  I wondered while I was knitting it, what possessed me to Knit a tunic?  Well, I did think it was pretty in the picture and I guess I hoped that I would look ok in a tunic.  What do you think?


I like it.  I’m not sure where I’ll wear it  and with what, but I am pretty sure yoga pants would not be complimentary.  What ideas do you have?


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  1. That’s very pretty. I wear pretty much anything with denim. But I think this would like nice with a pencil skirt. However, I’m no fashionista!!

  2. youllfindmewhistling

    I like it to – though not too sure if I would wear it either! I really like the lacy pattern, it’s very pretty and girly. I agree jeans?

  3. This is simply amazing, just beautiful and I hope you wear it all of the time!
    I think you could dress it down with a dark pair of jeans, or up with a skirt maybe?
    Very nice!

  4. Where it with a flowy green skirt, something hippie and bohemian looking. It looks great though, and you did a wonderful job.

  5. Oh, I love it!! And it must feel fabulous in the silk. I’d wear it for sure! With little cropped black tights and ballet flats, maybe a soft floral scarf and a tiny handbag with a skinny little strap. Sort of Audrey-ish. btw….how do you stay so slim with those sticky buns around?

  6. I think it’s really pretty! I hope you wear it because it seems like it was a lot of work and looks really complicated. I agree with the above – make it Audrey-ish!

  7. I really like this tunic. skinny jeans and flats for sure would be a great combo.

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