Going Bananas

Do you ever talk to yourself?  I do.  I didn’t used to, or at least I don’t think I did.  But I have a very close friend who talks to herself constantly and I think after spending a lot of time with her, I have sort of picked up the habit.  I talk to myself when I am doing stuff around the house, mostly (and sometimes when I am driving).  And lately, I have noticed that the success that I am having with whatever project I am working on is inversely related to how much I talk to myself.  In other words, if I don’t feel that things are going well, I talk a lot.  Some of it is not nice talk.  It seems to be a way for me to express my frustrations without hurting myself or anything or anyone else.

So, before I tell you about this double chocolate banana tart, I have to tell you that I talked a Lot while making this dessert.  For some reason, I was feeling especially frazzled the day I made this.  I had to go to two stores to get all the ingredients I needed (usually we have loads of bananas and cream in the house, but when I decided to make this, there was none!) and then a couple of things went kinda wrong for me.

The first was that when I took out the foil from the crust, some of the crust stuck to the foil.  This left a big, gaping hole that I had to patch by peeling off stuff from the foil–not pretty.  Note to self:  always keep back a little dough to patch problems like this when they occur.

The second was the caramelized bananas.  Some of them got a little burnt, which I didn’t mind too much because I ate those pieces (yum!), but then that didn’t leave me with very much to spread in the bottom of the tart.  I did not want to caramelize anymore bananas this time (remember the frazzled feeling?), but on a more calm day, I might have done another batch.  Or not.

The chocolate ganache was really easy to make and tasty, too, but you really can’t go wrong with good chocolate and cream and butter.  I have to say, though, that handling sliced bananas is tricky.  Arranging the bananas so that they overlapped and looked pretty was difficult to do without squishing the slices.  But, I persevered and it turned out well.  I brushed the fruit with some apple jelly I made in the fall, just for this purpose.  It made the tart nice and glossy and almost professional looking.  This is one extra step that makes a big difference.

Tastewise, everyone liked it.  The crust was nice and crumbly and melted in the mouth.  The chocolate was nice and smooth and fruit is always great on a tart.  I’m not sure about those caramelized bananas, though.  It didn’t seem to do much to enhance the tart at all.  Most people did not even notice they were there, but maybe that’s because there weren’t enough. I wish I had a picture of a piece of the tart, but I took it to a meeting.  It was dark in that room, and we served it on really unattractive paper plates.  You can go here to see some more tarts.

Overall, it was good, but I probably won’t make it again.  I prefer my ganache with cake; a half inch layer of it in a tart is just too much for me.   I am not a big fan of chocolate tarts and this one was not as good as the one we did in February for twd.  The boys sure did love it, though.


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  1. thekitchenlioness

    Your Double Chocolate Banana Tart with that glossy shine from the homemade apple jelly and the srawberry certainly looks delicious and sooo pretty!

    Loved your post – it is always a fun and entertaining read!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Sometimes things don’t always go right. But, yours does look good and quite delicious.
    Tricia and I both enjoyed this one even though we made different versions. i used
    the nutella, which was great, but I would like to try it with berries. Good job.

  3. Unfortunately I talk to myself quite often! Your finished tart looks gorgeous! Lovely job!

  4. bevwinchester

    Gorgeous tart- agree with you on the bananas- mine melted away into banana goo!

  5. Love the added strawberry garnish!

  6. So pretty!!

  7. Your tart looks beautiful! Just like the book but with an added strawberry awesomeness! Great job!

  8. Your tart looks very nicely done.
    I definitely could have gone for at least double the amount of caramelized bananas.

  9. Your tart looks delicious. And making apple jelly for glazes… geez, what a great idea! I made the Nutella hazelnut version, so missed out on the slippery bananas. They sure look yummy!

  10. Your tart is the prettiest one I’ve seen! Handling wet bananas isn’t the easiest thing is it?

  11. Beautifully done! I probably won’t make this again, either…the bananas don’t hold up long enough…and I hate to toss anything chocolate 🙂

  12. Your strawberry garnish is a special touch. I actually loved the caramelized bananas though mine melted into a jamlike consistency. It was my favorite part. I agree this was a little too chocolatey, at least for me.

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