The New Yoga

A few years ago, I tried yoga.  I had heard how it was really great exercise and also really good for the mind.  With two young boys in the house and all the stuff of life that goes with them plus homeschooling, I thought it might help to calm my state of mind.  I started off pretty light with the yoga that comes with the Wii Fit program.  I liked it well enough and decided to go for a more intense, video-type program.  All went well for a little while and I was feeling good–more energetic and all that jazz.

Then, one morning, I overextended myself and threw my hip out.  It was one of those crouching, twisting your back moves and I guess I twisted too far or something because when I unwound myself, I was in pain.  Oh, whatever, I thought.  It’s just a little stretchy pain, and isn’t pain supposed to be good when you exercise?  Well, maybe some types, but not this one.   For awhile, it was difficult to walk and I could not sit on the floor for an entire YEAR.  Yes, it took my hip a whole year to recover from this little injury and I can still feel pain in it occasionally when I sit on the floor or lay on my side.

Needless to say, yoga is off my list of exercise options.  However, this weekend, I think I may have found a suitable alternative, one that involves quite a lot of moves that are similar to the standard downward facing dog or stretch your arm way over there while balancing on one leg thing.

Strawberry Picking.

Yes folks, if you would like an activity that will turn your legs to jello and cause you to stretch your joints, all you have to do is mosey on over to your nearest pick-your-own-strawberries-farm.

Strawberries plants are short, less than a foot high.  The strawberries themselves are kinda heavy, so they sink to the ground.  To pick them, you either must do a balancing squat in which your arms are free to move leaves aside to get to the strawberries and pick them, or you must do a pretty good approximation of downward facing dog, only you can’t support your weight on your arms.  Or, you can do a kind of hybrid move where you half squat on one knee (in the the dirt) and stretch around to reach the strawberries.  Of course the strawberry that looks really good is the one just out of reach and that’s where that good yoga stretch comes in.  You have to have really good core strength in order to not fall over while reaching for that berry.

After an hour of this exercise, you’ll have legs of jelly, a slightly aching back, and you’ll be nice and sweaty from being out in the blazing sun.  Plus, you’ll have these as a reward.

You might call me crazy, but I’d pick strawberry picking over yoga any day.  How about you?


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  1. youllfindmewhistling

    same! those strawberries look really yummy!

  2. Gorgeous looking berries! Definitely worth the workout.

  3. I’ll take productive exercise like strawberry picking and gardening over yoga any day!

  4. Yum! Nice to see that you found an alternative to yoga 🙂 These sound perfect for TWD’s French strawberry cake in a few weeks.

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