Easy Jam Tarts

I have a fondness for using leftovers.  I also don’t like to waste anything.  This is a good combination, but occasionally I run into trouble when I make too much of something.  Last year, I made over 60 jars of jam.  We consume, on average, maybe 1 jar every week or two.  Despite our steady jam eating, I still have (and I am estimating here) over 25 jars of jam from last year.  This may not seem much of a problem at first, but when you consider that jam season is just beginning (with strawberries) and I still have some strawberry jam from last year, I am afraid that something will go to waste.

So, one day recently, I took out some pie dough scraps I had saved up in the freezer (why, yes, I save mine, don’t you?) and got out some jam.  I rolled out the dough, cut them into circles using my biggest biscuit cutter (which is about 3.5-4 inches in diameter), pushed them into a mini muffin tin, and filled them with jam.  A short 15-20 minutes later, I had these cute little things.

I had a little dough left over after I had made the tart bottoms, so I used up the rest to make the star tops.  Also, I think I may have overfilled them because they bubbled over quite a bit.  Next time, I’ll use a little less and they will probably be better that way.  They were yummy.  A lot of people liked them, but I thought they were on the too sweet side.  I’ll just have to try them again.  But first, I need to make some more pies…


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  1. I think I’m behind….I’m just getting to the jam stage 😀 Any good ideas?

  2. They definitely look yummy!

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