Cookie or Cracker?

Seaweed Sables


Is it a cookie or a cracker?

The foundation of this recipe lies in a traditional French shortbread cookie called a sable, but you add some chopped up seaweed and a generous amount of salt.  The result is a salty, sweet, sandy cookie/cracker that would be good with cheese and wine or ice cream.  Which would you choose?

We chose ice cream.  But, I could eat them either way.

Everyone liked these.  The husband said the flavor reminded him of fried chicken.  If you know him, that is a really high compliment.  I can see where he is coming from.  It reminds me more of those sweet and salty rice crackers wrapped in toasted seaweed that are popular in Japan.

They were easy to make.  I did it all by hand (no mixer needed).  It took me about ten minutes.

The dough is then rolled up into logs and chilled in the fridge until you want to bake them, which makes them super convenient as well as easy.

The logs could also be frozen for even more convenience.  When you want some, just take it out, slice, and bake.  Easy Peasy.  According to the recipe, I overbaked them because they were not really supposed to brown, but I got a little distracted with a new knitting project and didn’t check on them as often as I should have.  I don’t mind them this color, but they darker than your usual shortbread cookie.

This was so tasty and easy that it made me wonder about other combinations.  I already love rosemary shortbread.  What about cheese, lavender, olive, or even bacon?  I may have to try some of these and then I can have cookies for appetizer and dessert!


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  1. Ooh, try the bacon!! And I already loove your rosemary shortbread. 🙂

  2. Bacon!!!! I think bacon 🙂
    Great job – glad these were a hit in your camp.

  3. I personally thought it was more like an appetizer cracker. I, too, would like to see the bacon sable.

  4. We usually make lavender shortbreads for events at work and they are super delicious! I would definitely recommend them! I really like these weird little cookies too – who knew? Again, not a recipe I would have tried on my own, but I’m glad I did.

  5. I liked them as well but they were a tough sell to the others in my house. They enjoyed the one I made them eat but weren’t itching to take another which says something. Just not sure what.

  6. I would like to try these with rosemary, I have been growing some in my container pots,
    so perhaps I will give it a try. Your cracker looks great, glad you enjoyed them. I thought
    they were tasty.

  7. We really enjoyed these at my house. I wasn’t sure how the kids would take to the seaweed, but they loved it!

  8. I don’t know, it could be either but it looks Lip Smacking Good! Maybe you should call it a smacker, short for Seaweed Sable cracker?

  9. thekitchenlioness

    So glad that the seaweed sablés were well received at your house – when I served them I only got mixed reviews at my house but I loved trying out this recipe and was very curious about their taste! Nice experience.

  10. I think these would be great served with ice cream. I’m glad you enjoyed them as well.

  11. I didn’t particularly love these but I did like the second pan of the batch better than the first when I did make them a bit crispier. Tell your husband I couldn’t make the leap to friend chicken. I was glad to try this recipe, loved the seaweed idea, but just didn’t love the result. Glad you were on the positive side.

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