Counting Wrongs

I am finished with Rock Island.  Yay!  It was a bumpy road, though.


1.  I started over a year ago.  The edging chart was a doozy.  I just could not get a read on the pattern and had to continually look at the chart, but it was lace on both sides and though the symbols were the same, the actions were not.  This made for very confusing knitting.  And it was very hard to correct if something went wrong.  After about 20 repeats, I put it down for 11 months.

2.  In April, I picked it up again and sorta got the hang of the edging pattern.   After I was done,  I moved on to the next part of the pattern, which involved picking up stitches along the length of the edging.  At the end, I had the wrong number of stitches.  I fudged it and moved on.

3.  After I finished the next lace pattern, I started the easy garter stitch portion.  Again, I had the wrong number of stitches on either side of the center stitch. Curses.  Then, I fudged it again.

4.  At the end, when I grafted the stitches, I somehow got them all twisted around.  By this time, I was a more than a little resigned to this being The Shawl That was Not Meant to be Perfect.  I left it in a little knot and moved on to the blocking.

5.  When I started to block the shawl, I discovered this.

That is a dropped stitch, which probably explains my stitch count problem.  Basically, I had a moment when I just wanted to burn the thing and then I moved on into fix it mode.  I picked up the stitch and broke one of the cardinal rules of knitting.  I tied a knot.  Here you see the stitch picked up.

Then, I took a length of yarn, threaded it through that loop you see above and another stitch that was not dropped, and I tied a knot.  Done.  Secured.  I moved on with the blocking.

If you look very closely, you can see the ends of the extra piece of yarn.  I think it will be fine after I weave them in.

6.  The last thing that went wrong with this project?  I had way more yarn than I anticipated left over.  This means that I could have made it bigger.  Now I have big chunk of lace yarn that is not enough for much of anything.  That just irks me no end.

Well, I am done hating on this project now.  Tomorrow, I will tell you the things that I loved about it.


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  1. When the dropped stitch thing happens to me in my lace I ladder it up till I’m all out of loose yarn (which is about the point at which I dropped it) and then I weave a piece of yarn through it, leaving long ends to darn in, and try to make it resemble a K2tog.

  2. Please tell me where I can get this pattern for this gorgeous shawl with the Rock Island pattern in it, and also, please tell me about this “chart” you refer to in your article? I love the big open stitch work and I’ve been searching for loose open stitch lace patterns and tutorials. I really love the way this looks and would like to try it. I’m very much a beginner so any tips, websites, tutorials and patterns you can refer me to would be much appreciated!!! Thanks! –Susan

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