Rock Island, the Good Stuff

Yesterday, I told you about all the things that went wrong with the Rock Island shawl.  Today, I will tell you why I love it anyway.

1.  At less than 50 grams, it is the lightest, sheerest thing I have ever knit.  When the husband saw it after it was blocked, he said I had finally managed to make something that was just beautiful, that doesn’t pretend to be anything else but beautiful.


2.  It was never boring to knit.  Sure, the edging was challenging, and I encountered several setbacks along the way, but it was never boring.  Boring knitting rarely gets done by me unless I am watching stressful television.

3.  The yarn is 100% bamboo and really surprisingly strong.  I never worried that I would break it, which is really remarkable because this yarn was more like thread than yarn.


4.  I loved, loved, loved, knitting the Rock Island chart.  It’s that part in the middle with all the holes.  Some people seem to have had trouble knitting this part of the shawl, but not me.  That chart somehow made sense and clicked with me.

5.  The last reason I love this shawl?  It’s reversible.  There’s no right or wrong side.  It looks the same on both sides, so I don’t have to fuss with figuring out which way to wear it.  Yeah, I know, I am lazy like that.


Strangely, now that I am done, I have a little hankering to make another one.  Perhaps, it is the perfectionist in me wanting to try it again to finally get it right.  Or maybe it is just an incredibly beautiful shawl that needs to be made again.

If you want the knitty gritty details about the yarn and needles and such, you can visit my ravelry page.


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  1. It is simply beautiful. You should be very proud of yourself.

  2. Absolutely fabulous!!!

  3. That is so beautiful! I have not ventured into much lace knitting, as I can’t use wool, but now that I see your bamboo yarn I will definitely give it a try! Your shawl is amazing!

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