Post Vacay Denial

There are a couple of problems with going away for a week long vacation. A week is long enough to settle into a new routine (though it’s well known that it takes two full weeks to make it a habit.  Thank goodness we weren’t away for two whole weeks; that would spell disaster for our regular routine.)  I got used to: a) not making dinner every night; b) reading for more than 15 minutes at a time–I actually finished three books in one week!  I haven’t done that for years;  c) knitting while watching back to back episodes of cooking shows; and d) having someone else entertain the boys while I did a lot of b and c.

Seriously, while I was away, I kept thinking about how little I was getting done and I even spent several consecutive minutes each day staring out of the window at the ocean.  I had this vague feeling at times that I should maybe do something more active such as take a walk on the beach, but one step outdoors into the wall of heat and humidity squashed that feeling pretty instantaneously.  So I just sat back down on the sofa and picked up my book again.  (Have you read The Tiger’s Wife?  It’s a good one…one of those you keep thinking about in the back of your mind for days after you read it.)

After a week of that, you’d think I would be tired of sitting around, but surprisingly, I am not.  Oh, I got a little laundry done and we are mostly unpacked and all, but I have to admit, I am having some motivation problems.  I keep waiting for someone to tell me what we are doing for dinner.  While I wait, I think I might go take a nap.  That should help a lot, don’t you think?


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