Resolutions Broken

This week, I am have been away from home and staying with a friend.  The boys are in VBS in the mornings and this is my week during the year when I get to work on a project that I have been putting off.  I have my own set of rules for what kind of project I choose.  It has to be something non-school related.  It has to be something I have not had the chance to get to at home, but I have been meaning/needing to get done for awhile.  Usually, this means the project takes some concentration.  I don’t get a lot of uninterrupted quiet time at home to do some of the larger projects I have one my mind.

In the past, I have worked on photo albums, quilt top assembly (I pieced the promise quilt one year), and even some hand quilting.  This year, I have spent a lot of my time doing this.

Yes, I have finally gotten back on track with my Anniversary sweater pattern.  It turns out that taking a 4 month break from working on this pattern has cleared my mind a little and I was not as confused as I was when I first started.  Of course, I really only did the numbers for the size I want to make for myself and I did not draw up the chart yet–ha!  Chart making is turning out to be my block.  I have no handy dandy program and I am unwilling to buy one because I really don’t think I will be making a habit of pattern writing.  Hmm…I think I may have to bring the husband into this process a little.

Well, the meat of the pattern did not take me all week to write, so I thought I would do something else with the rest of the week.  Last year, for the first time, I went to Quilt Odyssey, a little quilting convention they have nearby, where my mind was blown by the quilts they had on display.  This year, I decided to check it out again.  But, I was going to focus on inspiration, not purchasing.  I thought maybe I would buy some blue fabric.  I have a hard time finding blues that I like and blue is my favorite color, so I need more blue, right?  I thought, maybe I would just buy a handful of blue FQs and a ruler or two and that would be it. Other than that, I was looking for some ideas on how to put together a quilt I have had on my mind for awhile, but I was just going to have a look around.

I guess I don’t know myself very well.  I mean, it is difficult being in a giant ballroom full of fabric and just buy a handful of things.  Ah well, there are worse things  to buy than fabric, right?  Especially these ones.

This is a really terrible picture of these Oakshott cottons that reached out and grabbed me in the vendor hall.  I took several pictures, but it is really difficult to capture the beauty of these fabrics in a photo.  It is a wonder I did not come home with every bolt and bundle they had.  I had to restrain myself.

Once the first purchase was made, it was really all downhill from there.  But, I did try to limit myself to things that would be hard for me to find online or locally in my stores.  There is surprisingly a lot of stuff out there that is not made widely available on the internet.

Such as fabric from Handloom Batik  (left) that was specially woven for them and real Indigo dyed fabrics from Africa.

I also managed to find some Japanese fabrics and ribbon which jumped into my bag at the last minute when I was buying the Oakshott cotton.
The templates are for the Storm at Sea Quilt that I have been planning for ages and I also bought a new to me brand of thread to try (Aurifil).  I may also have bought some other stuff not pictured here.

I told myself as I was leaving, next time will be different.  Next time, I will not break any resolutions about what I am or am not going to buy.   Next time, I will just not make any resolutions.  You have to go into these kinds of things with an open mind.  You never know what you are going to find.  Some things just cannot be helped.


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  1. There is a quilt show here in Houston and I am totally blown away when I go. It is just amazing. The fabric you purchased is beautiful. There is nothing like buying fabric in an actual store, where you can touch…. internet is great but man, the shops really blow me away!

  2. The fabric looks beautiful. Lovely fabrics are so hard to resist.

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