Loose and Light

What happens when you mix the start of school with getting ready for a family visit plus as much Olympics watching as you can fit into a day?

The answer is not much.  There’s not much cooking going on, not any sewing, not much blogging or baking, and much less sleep.  However, despite the apparent lack of productivity, I am trying to be relaxed about it all.  After all, the Olympics only happens every four years, my Dad probably doesn’t really care if the house is neat and spotless, and we’ll have plenty of time to ramp up the school schedule in a couple of weeks when it has all blown over.

Right now, we’re just keeping the schoolwork light and easy and our schedule loose and flexible.  I am even attempting to apply this to my knitting projects during this Olympic season.

I’ve decided to make as many mittens as I can during the Olympics.  My initial goal was one mitten a day, but I have fallen behind on that a bit.  This is probably because my first pair of mittens is this fair isle pattern to match my hat from last year.  This pattern is a little involved and doesn’t allow me to watch fast moving games such as volleyball, but is good for sports that come with more commentary than action, such as swimming or gymnastics.

During the events when my attention is captivated by the action, I can knit on an easier project such as the stripey ones, which required minimal attention.  I had no problems finishing each of these in a day.  I even tried working on them while doing some exercise.  But I only did that once since they were done  in two days.

The green one is not as easy a pattern as the stripey ones, but they are not too difficult either.  You’ll notice that none of these mittens have thumbs yet.  I’m saving them for later.  Don’t ask me when.  I’m trying to stay nice and relaxed.


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  1. Holy mittens Batman! You’re doing a fine job, (By the way, I have a large hand size hint hint)and keep on with it. Would you like for me to announce for your knitting, it’s worthy.

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