A Double Dose of Summer Flavors

Summer produce is at its height and last night for dinner we had some of the best food that summer has to offer.

First, we had warm scallop salad with corn, nectarines, and basil from Around My French Table by Dorie Greenspan.

This is the first time I have ever bought and cooked sea scallops.  They were amazing.  I was worried while I was cooking them that I was overcooking them.  Then, I worried while we were eating them that I had undercooked them and we’d all get really sick.  But, I worried for no reason.  I followed Dorie’s timing exactly and they were cooked perfectly.  I have to admit that the recipe was a little intimidating at first glance with all of its different components, but it worked out rather nicely and nothing was overly difficult.  From beginning to serving, it took about an hour.

Now, this was definitely pricier than out average meal, and I probably would have skipped it if my Dad was not here visiting from out of town.  It is a great special occasion summer dinner since most of the components, except for the last minute cooking of the scallops and nectarines, can be made ahead of time.  Then, all you have to do is arrange everything nicely on the plate and serve it.

Next, for dessert, I finally got around to making the berry galette from Baking with Julia.

I have to say that this was probably the smallest little galette I have ever made.  It was barely 6 inches in diameter, but it was delicious.  I loved the texture that the cornmeal added and I also loved  that it was all gone in one night; no leftovers to get soggy for the next day.  We had it with homemade peach ice cream and it was a wonderful summer dessert.

Now, I still have the other half of the galette dough and I am definitely thinking of something peachy for that one.  I still have about 20 peaches left to deal with.  But, it may have to wait for a couple of days.  We have a busy couple of days coming up with museums, historic sites, and a baseball game, not to mention eating out at great restaurants.  However, you should go make one of these galettes!  You can find the recipe here and here.  Have a great weekend everyone!


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  1. Looks like you’re scallops turned out great! They are intimidating but really easy to cook. I also made the galette but need to blog it!

  2. Yay! Your scallop dish looks like mine, which always makes me think I have done it right.

  3. Your salad looks wonderful! You served you dad a delicious meal=) Have a great weekend!

  4. Enjoy baking with peaches while you still can. Both recipes are wonderfully made!

  5. I think both recipes turned out fantastic!

  6. Your salad looks great with the bright fresh flavors of summer.

  7. I still have the berry galette to make! sounds like it was a great end to a great meal! we got a deal on our fresh scallops but they are always a bit on the pricey end

  8. Your scallops look perfect! It was my first time buying and cooking them too so I was nervous as well. Also your galette is so cute! It was a fun little dessert wasn’t it?

  9. Just perfect. I used to be intimidated too but I soon learned the secret of how easy they are and how elegant really. Great job!

  10. Lovely plate! We really enjoyed this salad, too. I love how easy it is to make scallops at home – not such good information to have for my pocketbook, though. The galette sounds like the perfect finish for this meal. We liked the crunch of the cornmeal in the dough, too.

  11. This was a lovely meal – and the galette sounds like the perfect ending. That is was so simple was a bonus, no?
    Next week’s peach melba should help you along with those peaches 🙂

  12. Wasn’t this just the nicest little gallette? yours looks scrumptious for sure! Yes, I, too, have many peaches in the freezer from our 1 little peach tree that went bananas!

  13. Lovely scallop salad. Wish that I could have but scallops and I enjoyed an evening of food poisoning once and I just cannot go there. I made Salt instead. But the idea of all those lovely ingredients intrigued me. Your plate was lovely. But that dessert, Wasn’t it delicious? I think we all enjoyed the galette. And, you’re absolutely right. Toooooo small. That’s Dorie. Just wanting to make us want more as we finished up the crumbs. Homemade ice cream certainly doesn’t hurt either.

  14. Your scallops look delicious! Oh, and the galette too! I ended up dropping out of baking with Julia, but I made a couple the other evening too. They were a hit as well! Good work!!!

  15. It’s from being in this group that I learned how easy it is to make scallops at home. I don’t do it often because of the price tag, but every time I do, I feel like I make a restaurant-worthy meal at home. I really liked this one. I had a few issues with the galette, but I also plan to do something peachy with the second half of the crust. Enjoy all your planned activities. Sounds like fun.

  16. Your scallop salad looks wonderfully delicious!! And your galette is perfect! I’m also enjoying all those fruits of summer!!
    I also love your mittens!!

  17. TWO of my favorite recipes from the past couple weeks! What a delightful dinner!!!

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