Some Goals Accomplished

The Olympics are done and so am I.  Almost.  Is it just me or did they seem extra long this time?  I have never watched so many volleyball and water polo matches in my life.  Actually, I only half watched them because I was mostly trying to meet my goal of knitting a mitten a day for the duration of the Olympics.  That goal was, sadly, not met, but I knew it was going to be tough to pull off when I started with those fair-isle mittens.  Those took two days a piece (not counting the thumbs), so I think I may count each mitten as two!

Most of the other mittens and fingerless mitts I made were not as fine or difficult, so it was not too difficult to keep up a good pace.  In the end, I was able to make 6.5 pairs, minus a thumb I still have to do on one of the fair isle mittens.  Those thumbs are tough and I’ll need a chunk of concentrated knitting time accomplish that last bit.

I was especially happy with these cheerful mittens I made for the boys using yarn we had dyed using kool-aid.  I think they like them as well.

Want to see them all together?

Everyone in the family got a pair or two and I may even have one or two in there for gift giving.  It feels good to have this wintry task done ahead of time.  Now, all we need is a proper winter!

To celebrate the end of the Olympics, I made crumpets for the first time on Sunday using a recipe from this book.  They were really easy and delicious as well.

Do you like my crumpets as Olympic rings?  They were fluffy and moist; really nothing like the store bought ones.  Freshly made and eaten, they have a lovely crispness that gets lost fairly quickly, so they are best hot off the griddle.  We had them slathered with butter and marmalade or cherry jam.  I will definitely be making these again and I won’t wait until the next Olympics to have them.

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  1. Those mittens are gorgeous- you have a lucky family to be the beneficiaries of your varied talents…..if you get ready to start making them as a little business, please let us know!

  2. So cute! And I love the crumpet olympics rings 🙂

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