Long Lost Recipe

Years ago, I clipped a recipe from a newspaper.  Remember those?  Before this thing called the internet, there was the newspaper.  It had news, coupons, comics, happenings around town, and recipes.  It was a handy form of communication.  Way back then, I found a recipe for a peach cake/kuchen that was one of the best things I ever ate.  It was super easy to make as well.  The cake batter was made in a pot and then spread into a pan.  Peach slices were then arranged on top, it was all sprinkled with sugar, and baked in the oven.  I loved that cake.

Unfortunately, I only made the recipe once or twice because I lost the recipe and could never find it again.  Sigh.  It’s been over ten years now, maybe even fifteen, and I have made a lot of peach cakes, but none that could ever rival the memory of that one.  And I could never find one that could match the ease of preparation that that recipe had.

Last week, though, I think I may have found one that is close and do you know where it was?  Right on my own cookbook shelf.  The recipe is called The All Time Best Summer Fruit Torte and I found it in my copy of Classic Home Desserts by Richard Sax.

The cake is not made in a pot, but it was really easy to make.  As you can see, it’s a rather thin cake and can even be described as dry, but with the juicy peach slices, it is just right.  I may try to tweak the recipe in attempt to further match my mind’s memory of the cake, which was rectangular, but that will be for another day.


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  1. It looks good enough for me to want to try baking it!

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