Weekend Progress and Setbacks

This was a weekend of highs and lows in the crafty department. I’ll start with the lows. Here’s my August block for my quilting group.

These pieces here? They are all too small. I have to recut and resew. All this because I skipped over the part in the instructions where I was supposed to trim the half square triangle blocks down. Arghh!!

Anyway, now for the progress part.
The biggest high was finally getting all these scrapbook projects done.

All the layouts and some of the writing was done before the weekend started. I went to a friend’s workshop and worked about 9 hours to get all four of them completely done and ready for showing off. That’s about 3 years worth of life in those four books. And look at how thick they are! They are heavy, too, and I won’t even mention how much shelf space they take up. Lugging these things around all weekend really made me consider converting to all digital.
Do any of you do digital scrapbooking? What do you use?


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  1. Wow, that is some accomplishment! I am so behind in scrapbooking I can’t even see the end of the mountain! Great job!

  2. I do digital…when I get the time. I use Photoshop. Scrap Girls is a great place to go for inspiration. http://www.scrapgirls.com/ They have a daily newsletter with lots of ideas and freebies. They also have an online shop that sells reasonably priced digital elements. I would have loved to do traditional scrapbooking but I really don’t have that kind of time or space for more “stuff”!

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