Tiny Snatches of Time

Ah, summer is over now for most people.  Vacations are all done, most kids are back in school or will be going back in a few days.  The best of the summer’s peaches have come and gone (so sad and so short!) and traffic around town is noticeably more crowded and hectic.  It’s not quite autumn weather yet, but I can see little bits of brown, orange, yellow, or red in the uppermost edges of some trees around town and the quality of sunlight is different; softer and more golden than the blazing white light of summer.

I love this time of year.  It has a quality of anticipation in it for me.  I am tired of salads and sandwiches.  A nice drop in the temperature and soon I will be making stews and roasts and casseroles.  We’ll be going for brisk walks that give us rosy cheeks instead of sweaty shirts.  Then, I can turn on the oven and bake, bake, bake.  Apple cake?  Yes, please!  Pumpkin bread?  Yummy!  Cinnamon buns?  Bring it On!

For now, however, I am caught in a kind of limbo state.  We are busy, busy, busy trying to get our fall schedule ironed out and running smoothly.  I am spending quite a bit of time planning for various things in the future and that leaves me with very little time to sew, bake, or knit.  In the weeks since my Olympic mitten knitting marathon, I have done about this much knitting.


This is the first 30 rows of a sweater and I can’t believe it’s taken me close to two weeks to do this! It’s just stockinette stitch, for heaven’s sake! I have been carrying it around faithfully and working on it in the park or at lessons, but it is still slow growing.

Plus, all summer, I’ve been trying to get back to my swoon quilt, but it’s pretty much in the same shape as I left it weeks/months ago.


It’s been sewed into strips, but it’s pretty much still in pieces.  As always, I know this is all just a phase. It will pass and even if it doesn’t things will still get done. It will just be in tiny steps instead of big, giant ones and that’s ok because at least I am making some progress. Still, I do sometimes wish for time to stand still or for the ability to function on less sleep so I can get more done. I’m just happier when I can get projects done in a timely manner instead of languishing for months.

How about you? How do you get things done when life is crazy busy?


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  1. I find it very hard to believe that you could bake anymore than you already do.

  2. Your quilt might not be finished but it looks so beautiful to me – I love quilts so much but I would not even know where to start…what I wouldn´t give to have such a quilt as a cover for my bed….

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