An Apple a Day

Although it is not officially fall yet by the calender, it is officially fall in our house as of yesterday.  Yesterday, we had our annual apple picking extravaganza.  For various reasons, mostly due to the boys’ sports schedule, we had to do this earlier than usual and on a weekday afternoon instead of our usual early Saturday morning in October.

If you have never been apple picking, I urge you to try it.  It is not like strawberry picking where you have to do excruciating yoga moves or blueberry picking in the scorching summer sun or cherry picking on a tall ladder or even peach picking in the august humidity.

No, apple picking is the easiest and most pleasant fruit picking experience you will ever have.  The weather is usually really pleasant and the apples grow on the trees like clusters of grapes, making it easy to fill many baskets in no time at all.


Since we were there on a weekday afternoon, we also had the orchard all to ourselves, which was a nice change. It made it possible for us to run around comfortably and enjoy the quiet countryside. The golden afternoon sunlight made everything warm and soothing.


Before we knew, it, we had filled seven half bushel baskets of apples. At approximately 35 apples per basket, I think we hauled in enough apples to last us a good long time.


We certainly have enough apples for me to make this week’s ffwd recipe, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’ve been going through all my cookbooks today looking for apple recipes that I have and have not tried. Do you have any favorite recipes for apples? Please, let me know. I am always looking for new recipes to try.


In the meantime, I think we’ll just enjoy these beauties by themselves. Well, maybe I’ll get out the caramel sauce in the fridge to go with them.


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