Well, I finally got around to making the spiced poached apples that was our ffwd assignment for last Friday. I was optimistic about it. After all, I we all loved the poached peaches last month and I was using freshly picked apples form the orchard. How could it not be good? I used one each of the three types of apples we picked on Thursday. Thay are, from left to right, Jonagold, Golden Delicious, and early Fuji.


The syrup looked great and smelled great in the pot.


My apples were on the crunchy side, so they simmered for almost twenty minutes before I took them out.


The finished dish looked really good.


However, none of us really liked it, even though we had it with vanilla ice cream. It was way too sweet was the most common comment, which is significant when it is being said by a kid who loves candy. Although, I have to say, both boys did finish their serving, which is more than I can say for the husband and I. Maybe I would have liked it better with pears or tasteless supermarket apples. Who knows? I’m not sure I can get myself to try it with pears, though, for fear of disliking it and wasting some perfectly good pears.

I have to say, I am surprised that I didn’t like it, but I guess that’s just the way it goes. Don’t worry, I’ve already moved on…to apple cake.


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  1. Yes I’ve done that before. The ice cream makes it even sweeter – maybe with natural yoghurt? Looks lovely, though!

  2. Aw! Well, hopefully you can use the super-sweet liquid for tea sweetener or in fun drinks!

  3. Doesn’t that aggravate you- when there is such anticipation? Your dish looks gorgeous though & fresh apples, oh my! We felt it was too sweet as well.

  4. That’s disappointing. The reviews have been all over the map with this one – some folks found it too tart and others found it too sweet. We were happy with ours. This is all reminding me of The Three Bears…

  5. Awww – sorry this was a miss for you. I think Teresa summed it up perfectly with her three little bears analogy.

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