Autumn has arrived and so has a nice, regular, school routine. Unfortunately, with that routine, a lot of my crafting time has gone away. For a couple of weeks, my sewing area has looked like this.


Try as I might, I just cannot seam to make time for this project right now, even though I am in the last stages of finishing up the top. Of course, then it has to be basted and quilted. My dream of having this ready in time for cooler fall weather is fast fading.

In the same vein, knitting has been crawling along as well. This yarn has been wound and standing at the ready for awhile now.


It’s one pound of fingering weight superwash merino that I purchased at Rhinebeck a couple of years ago for a sweater. I got it out the other day to see if it would be right for my next sweater project. Before I start that sweater, though, I really want to try to finish this project


because I need the needles for another project that has been waiting patiently for me. I know that progress is being made slowly, but it sure does look like nothing has happened with it since the last time I showed it to you.


Lastly, I have finally finished the back and fronts of this sweater, but this project is also stalled at the moment while I try to figure out what I want to do with the neck and sleeves. The pattern has a strange neck that some have complained is too high, so I think I might do some short rows instead, but I am not sure how this will turn out since there is no neck shaping at all. I would start the sleeves, but I am pondering some changes to those as well, so they will have to wait until I decide what to do.

You know what I am tempted to do right now? Just bugger it all and start a whole slew of new projects. That should help with my feeling of progress, right? What do you think? Should I plod on or start something new? Or maybe I should drop everything else and just have a craft-in day (or week).


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  1. Tough call!! Sometimes starting something new gives you that creative push to get you over the hump. Then the other projects look more appealing. Anyway, that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it! 🙂

  2. I am of scottish decent, so I go for the plod along aproach. Stick to it, knit on, keep going and finish something. But not everyone is like I am, and you might be better suited to starting something else, just so you have something that you FEEL like knitting on. (We all make time for the things we love, right?)

    I realize that I didn’t really help that much.

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