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Sandy has come and gone here. We are grateful that we never lost power, especially while the chicken was in the oven. It’s still dreary and rainy today, so I thought I’d try to cheer everyone up with some Hurricane Rolls.


These are brioche with a swirl of Nutella. I love the contrast of colors here.


They smelled divine while baking and looked gorgeous when they were done. It was just the ticket to perk everyone up today.


Now, I’ve got a huge pot roast in the oven. I never did find any cookie cutters yesterday; all the stores were closed! Hopefully, I’ll have better luck later when I go out. In any case, we are not hurting for nourishment here. I’m praying that you are all safe and warm and that all the kiddos get to go trick or treating tomorrow. I know my kids are hoping to go out. I am, too. What else will I do with that gigantic bag of candy in the dining room?

In Time for the Storm

Well, I’m home! Thanks to Southwest’s amazing customer service, I was able to get a flight home yesterday morning. Good thing, too, because they’ve pretty much cancelled flights for today and tomorrow! Before I left CO, though, the weather cleared up and I was finally able to see Pike’s Peak.


Beautiful, isn’t it? I will be thinking about this view as I watch the rain come down today. My plan for today is to go get a few supplies. I know, I am a little crazy, but I happen to think that the beginning of a storm is the perfect time to go to the store, not before it starts. Once it starts, people will stay home and it will be pretty calm. Besides, I’m not going for food. What I need is cookie cutters because, as everyone who knows me will confirm, when I am stuck at home, I bake cookies. Or bread. Or pie.

Anyway, after I return and after I bake whatever it is I decide to bake, I plan to snuggle up on the sofa under my finally blocked mitered square blanket.


I loved knitting each and every square of this blanket.


I hated sewing it together and finishing it.


But, it’s finally done, and just in time for the storm, too. (The pattern is here. You can find my notes on my ravelry page) Now, Sandy can do her worst and we will be ready with cookies and blankets. Wherever you are and whatever weather you are having, I hope you are safe and snug.


Hi from wintry Colorado! When I left home it was a gorgeous, warm, autumn day. Four hours later, I arrived in the mile high city to freezing temperatures and snow! For some, this would be bothersome, but I love, love the snow, though it did interfere with my view of Pike’s Peak. In fact, after 2 full days, I still have not been able to see that infamous landmark because it has been shrouded by clouds, even though the surrounding area is having clear, blue skies. No matter, I am still enjoying the view.

When we’re not looking at the mountains, I have been cooking up a storm here for my friend. Babies take an incredible amount of time and energy, leaving no time to cook. So, while I am here, I am stocking up the freezer. Chicken pot pie, manicotti, penne with chicken and mushrooms, and stromboli have all been made. There are still a couple of things I am planning to make as well. My goal is for her to have enough food in the freezer so that she will not have to cook until after her husband returns from his deployment.
Unfortunately, my time will be cut short here as I am leaving on an earlier flight home to get back before Sandy hits–trying to beat the rush of cancellations, you know. Plus, I love a good hurricane!

Eat Your Colors

The past few days have been a whirlwind for me as I prepare to leave on a jet plane and go visit a friend. I’ve managed to squeeze in a tiny bit of cooking between laundry, lists, baking cookies, and keeping up with schoolwork.


I love roasting a variety of root veggies in the oven. The purple sweet potato really stands out, doesn’t it? I buy it whenever I see some.


I also got around to making Dorie’s “stone soup”. Instead of a potato, I used an acorn squash. The boys liked it. Turns out that if I add enough carrots and puree the whole mix, they might eat any veggie I throw their way. Who knew?


Of course, a shower of grated cheese doesn’t hurt. I love autumn.

Fantastic Fall + Fiber Festival = Fabulous

Rhinebeck was fantabulous. Wonderful weather. Really, it was almost too warm for woolens, but not too warm to buy wool!


The fall foliage was beautiful and inspiring.


Furry critters greeted us as we walked.



We got to watch some fascinating demonstrations, including this sock knitting machine. Imagine being able to knit a pair of socks in an hour. An Hour! Think of all the yarn you’d go through.


And speaking of yarn, I did bring a little back with me. Just a little.


Ah, Rhinebeck. I’m already looking forward to next year!