Hummus and Apples

Can you believe I have been posting about apples for more than two weeks? I never imagined when I started this apple frenzy series that I would be going on this long, and I’m not done yet! I still have half a drawer of apples in the fridge. Production has slowed down a little, but I sure was glad that this week’s FFwD recipe was an apple dessert. I was beginning to run out of ideas.

Anyway, the husband is on a kind of vegan diet this week (don’t ask) and he’s also been avoiding sugar. The last time he did this, I was sneaking to the donut shop when he wasn’t with me because I was Starving! Well, this time, unfortunately for him, I’ve decided to be a little less supportive and just carry on as usual. This recipe, Crispy Crackly Apple Almond Tart, is not so bad, really. There’s only one egg and a little bit of cream and butter. Nutty fats are good, right?

Diet or no diet, I was determined to bake this in time to post, and I figured I could just make it again for him later when he’s off this diet. The almond cream was super easy; just whisk it all together.


The package of phyllo I bought came with sheets that were about twice as big as I needed, so I had to cut them in half. This recipe takes a gentle hand, but it’s rather easy to put together. Except for the part where I had to fan the apples. My apples didn’t fan out so well. I think they may have been too crunchy or too big or something. Maybe I just need more practice. After a little bit of maneuvering and grumbling, I finally got them into an arrangement that I was more or less happy with.


I baked it for an extra 15 minutes or so to make sure my super crunchy apples got soft enough and that turned out to be good. After a generous brushing with some apple jelly I made last year, it looked beautiful!


The husband broke his diet and ate a piece, of course. The boys loved the phyllo. One of them kept saying that it was just like paper!


The husband mentioned that he was missing the butter from the puff pastry that I would normally make something like this with. I gave him a look and reminded him he was on a diet! Seriously, the phyllo does give this dessert a nice, light sort of feeling when you are eating it, but I was surprised at how full I felt after I was done eating.


Maybe I was full because of all the hummus I ate before dinner. I finally made it yesterday to catch up and to give the husband a snack that he could eat without breaking the diet too much. This was another easy one; just dump in the food processor and whirr away!


Of course, I had to add some olive oil on top.


I also added extra lemon juice. One of my boys liked it and the husband liked it as well. Me, I felt meh about it. I like the smoothness of the Sabra brand hummus and if I couldn’t have that texture, then I wanted the hummus of my memory from the time I spent in the Middle East. No hummus I have ever had since has tasted as good to me and probably never will until I return. That’s the way it is with memories. Ah well, that’s what happens when you travel.

Don’t forget! I have two giveaways going on:

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2. You can also leave a comment on yesterday’s post to win a bag of King Arthur’s new Self Rising Flour.

Also, if you want to take a look at what other French Fridays with Dorie Bloggers are doing, you can find us at this link.

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  1. Beautifully done with both recipes…I love how everyone had a different take on arranging the apples…so pretty!

  2. What a lovely tart! I love the way you did your apples, so neat and orderly! Mine wouldn’t fan either, nor did they want to be in tidy rows! Also, that hummus looks delicious. I love a good hummus with a swirl of olive oil on top. 🙂

  3. Both recipes look delicious:) Glad your husband broke his diet so he could enjoy your Apple Tart.

  4. thekitchenlioness

    Very pretty Apple Tart – I love the way you arranged the apples and it is really nice to read that your family really enjoyed this tart – it was a fun recipe to put together and I am impressed that you even had homemade apple jelly on hand to glaze the beautiful tart.

    Your Hummus looks very appetizing too – nicely arranged with the extra olive oil and the crackers!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Certainly not a tart to make while on a diet… but so good to break one. It turned out wonderful! And so did the hummus! Have a nice weekend

  6. Just beautiful! I like your long rows of apples.

    And, I still have to make up the Hummus – yours looks delicious.

  7. Great double post! Your apples look so great! Like you Hasselback’s them.

  8. I also posted about both the hummus and the apple tart! I added a bit of lemon zest to my hummus, and now I don’t want it any other way. I did take the easy way out and did the bonne idée version of the apple tart with puff pastry. Yours looks wonderful – that’s a LOT of apples you’ve got there!

  9. So that’s what the fanning of the slices is supposed to look like! Just couldn’t get my fingers to work right. Your tart looks so pretty.

  10. Tart looks just fine. So full of lovely apples.
    I added roasted red peppers to my hummus. Big difference in the taste.

  11. Two great looking recipes, although of course, the tart is my favourite.

  12. Great looking tart!!!! Oh you made me wanna eat some hummus now and it’s really late to drag myself into the kitchen to make anything 🙂

  13. I just couldn’t do the fanning of the apples…I felt like such a spas….so glad to see the way it was suppose to look! Your tart looks gorgeous and the hummus looks delicious! Beautifully done!

  14. In our household it was always me dieting. Michael, during our lengthy marriage, didn’t know how to spell the word, let alone say it. I really don’t think it mattered how we fanned our apple slices, everyone’s tart cooked up beautifully. I will give you the prize for putting more apple slices in your tart that anyone else. You win. I made lima bean hummus rather than the traditional kind but loved the picture of the hummus ingredients in your food processor. Nice double post.

  15. I always struggle when The Dude decides to go on some kind of diet adjustment. Its no fun 😦
    Lovely pictures.

  16. I think the apples look perfectly fanned. Nice hummus too! (I’m a huge Sabra fan too.)

  17. Love the apple arrangement and great photos of the hummus, too.

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