Winding Down

After about a month of baking, cooking, and eating apples almost everyday, we are finally nearing the end of the apples we picked. I have less than 20 left in the fridge and they will likely languish there for a little while. Oh, yes, I have plans to make some Cranberry Apple Jam now that cranberries can be found in the stores, but not for a couple of weeks, probably.

But, before I declare a final end to Apple Frenzy, I had to try out the Apple Cinnamon bagels I mentioned in my last post. These were on my mind since I wrote those words, and I knew I would not be able to stop thinking about them until I actually made them. Now, these were not made using the recipe from Baking with Julia. These are actually sourdough bagels, based on a recipe from The La Brea Bakery Cookbook. I opted to make these because, of course, I had to feed the sourdough starters.

The recipe got divided in half to make 9 everything bagels with the plain half. With the other half, I added some half dehydrated apples and half a Tablespoon of cinnamon. There were a lot of apples, so the dough was really chunky, but I forged ahead. They turned out just fine.


The husband was excited to see me making bagels again so soon after last week’s batch. I told him not to get used to it, but really, these are so good, that I may just have t o make them much, much more often.


The boys and I ate one of these while it was still warm and crusty from the oven and it was divine! Crusty, with a slight chewiness, and a little bit sweet from the apples. It was bagel heaven.


And I think that might be the end of the road for the Apple Frenzy posts. It was a lot of fun here. I sure hope you enjoyed it! Next week, crafting will make a return to the blog with my Rhinebeck report. I’ll be back with lots of yarny goodness, I hope. Have a great weekend, everyone!


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  1. That’s impressive that you’re just now reaching the end of your apple supply!

  2. How did you keep your apples fresh this entire time? I am mystified!

  3. Gosh, this looks so yummy! =D

  4. Looks utterly delicious,
    will need to try my hand at making bagels soon.
    Loved how you added an apple cinnamon twist to the classic!*

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