Eat Your Colors

The past few days have been a whirlwind for me as I prepare to leave on a jet plane and go visit a friend. I’ve managed to squeeze in a tiny bit of cooking between laundry, lists, baking cookies, and keeping up with schoolwork.


I love roasting a variety of root veggies in the oven. The purple sweet potato really stands out, doesn’t it? I buy it whenever I see some.


I also got around to making Dorie’s “stone soup”. Instead of a potato, I used an acorn squash. The boys liked it. Turns out that if I add enough carrots and puree the whole mix, they might eat any veggie I throw their way. Who knew?


Of course, a shower of grated cheese doesn’t hurt. I love autumn.


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  1. I love Autumn also except tonight in Aspen, Colorado, where I am, it’s snowing!!! We’ve had a wonderful Indian Summer but I think we’re waving that bye, bye tonight. Your combo of veggies looks beautiful and what is that bread? That, I would love to have right now. I hope you enjoy your time with your friend. It takes a lot of effort to leave home, doesn’t it?

  2. It’s your apple walnut sourdough, isn’t it? I just read your Post. Gorgeous-looking bread.

  3. Your soup is gorgeous and I am drooling over that bread. Drooling.
    I hope your trip goes well!

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