Hi from wintry Colorado! When I left home it was a gorgeous, warm, autumn day. Four hours later, I arrived in the mile high city to freezing temperatures and snow! For some, this would be bothersome, but I love, love the snow, though it did interfere with my view of Pike’s Peak. In fact, after 2 full days, I still have not been able to see that infamous landmark because it has been shrouded by clouds, even though the surrounding area is having clear, blue skies. No matter, I am still enjoying the view.

When we’re not looking at the mountains, I have been cooking up a storm here for my friend. Babies take an incredible amount of time and energy, leaving no time to cook. So, while I am here, I am stocking up the freezer. Chicken pot pie, manicotti, penne with chicken and mushrooms, and stromboli have all been made. There are still a couple of things I am planning to make as well. My goal is for her to have enough food in the freezer so that she will not have to cook until after her husband returns from his deployment.
Unfortunately, my time will be cut short here as I am leaving on an earlier flight home to get back before Sandy hits–trying to beat the rush of cancellations, you know. Plus, I love a good hurricane!


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  1. You are giving your friend such a wonderful gift by filling her freezer. She is blessed to have a friend like you!

  2. You are very kind to take care of your new mom friend in snowy Col. I received the apple butter & it is totally divine- I am cherishing it by measured teaspoons!! Thank you so very much!!

  3. I thought for sure you’d say you had decided to stay in COL until the storm was over 😉

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