In Time for the Storm

Well, I’m home! Thanks to Southwest’s amazing customer service, I was able to get a flight home yesterday morning. Good thing, too, because they’ve pretty much cancelled flights for today and tomorrow! Before I left CO, though, the weather cleared up and I was finally able to see Pike’s Peak.


Beautiful, isn’t it? I will be thinking about this view as I watch the rain come down today. My plan for today is to go get a few supplies. I know, I am a little crazy, but I happen to think that the beginning of a storm is the perfect time to go to the store, not before it starts. Once it starts, people will stay home and it will be pretty calm. Besides, I’m not going for food. What I need is cookie cutters because, as everyone who knows me will confirm, when I am stuck at home, I bake cookies. Or bread. Or pie.

Anyway, after I return and after I bake whatever it is I decide to bake, I plan to snuggle up on the sofa under my finally blocked mitered square blanket.


I loved knitting each and every square of this blanket.


I hated sewing it together and finishing it.


But, it’s finally done, and just in time for the storm, too. (The pattern is here. You can find my notes on my ravelry page) Now, Sandy can do her worst and we will be ready with cookies and blankets. Wherever you are and whatever weather you are having, I hope you are safe and snug.


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  1. Beverly Winchester

    so glad you are home safely- we love SWA; fly them all the time!. So now you can batten down the hatches, bake cookies & snuggle under that gorgeous blanket you created!

  2. Boy, this storm is going to affect everyone. I love your blanket, makes me wish I could knit.

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