Sandy has come and gone here. We are grateful that we never lost power, especially while the chicken was in the oven. It’s still dreary and rainy today, so I thought I’d try to cheer everyone up with some Hurricane Rolls.


These are brioche with a swirl of Nutella. I love the contrast of colors here.


They smelled divine while baking and looked gorgeous when they were done. It was just the ticket to perk everyone up today.


Now, I’ve got a huge pot roast in the oven. I never did find any cookie cutters yesterday; all the stores were closed! Hopefully, I’ll have better luck later when I go out. In any case, we are not hurting for nourishment here. I’m praying that you are all safe and warm and that all the kiddos get to go trick or treating tomorrow. I know my kids are hoping to go out. I am, too. What else will I do with that gigantic bag of candy in the dining room?


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  1. Your posts always make me hungry!!!

  2. recipe please!

  3. So thrilled to hear all is well there; those Nutella rolls look incredible! YUM!

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