Cookie Dough Factory

Last week was the beginning of our third annual cookie dough fundraiser. We started this a couple of years ago as a way for the boys to be involved in some sort of service project that would help them to think outside of themselves. Back then, it seemed like much of the opportunities for serving were more appropriate for older kids. In several years, we will look into other opportunities for the boys to serve people locally and face to face, but for now, we make cookie dough and sell it.


Lots and lots of cookie dough.


All the money we collect, we send to Samaritan’s Purse, an organization that helps disadvantaged people all over the world, even in our own country. You might be familiar with their popular Operation Christmas Child Box drive in which they collect shoe boxes full of toys, candy, books, and whatever else you can fit in it. They then distribute these boxes to kids in countries all around the world. Last year, I think our box went to a boy in the Ukraine.

First, the boys set a goal. This year, they hope to raise enough to pay for a village well, among other things. The well is about $400, according to Samaritan’s Purse. The boys get really excited when we get close to the goal and they are over the moon when we surpass it.


The great thing about this project is that everyone in the family has an opportunity to use their strengths to make it successful.

The husband handles the forms and other technical jobs such as forming dough logs.


My elder son is in charge of taking orders and organizing the labeling and containers.


I do most of the mixing and measuring while the youngest in the family rolls dough balls, counts, and bags the orders.


Of course, there is lots of taste testing that goes on during the drive itself and all year as I periodically test new recipes. Quality control is extremely imortant to us.


In addition, our offerings have been expanding every year. The first year, we offered 8 different kinds of cookies. Last year, we offered twelve. On our list this year, we have 5 different kinds of Giant cookies, 4 different kinds of regular sized cookies, 3 types of cookie logs, 2 varieties of pre-cut cookies, and granola! That’s a lot of stuff to make!


Right now, our entire house if overrun with stuff for this project. So far, we’ve used 14 pounds of butter and 20 pounds of flour and we are nowhere near done yet.


All this work is worth the effort, though. The lessons of sharing our wealth, helping others, and working together are priceless. A cookie or two every once in awhile doesn’t hurt either.


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  1. Hey, I used to have a Garfield ruler! I can’t wait for all my cookie yumminess to hit my freezer in anticipation of Christmas. 🙂

  2. What a great idea! I hope you surpass your goal by double. Just curious…what do you use the rosemary for?

  3. Good for you! Pat on the back!

  4. I think this is an awesome thing you are doing!

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