Almost Done

Tomorrow is the deadline for orders for the boys’ cookie dough fundraiser! I think the bulk of the orders are in and we just have a few more batches of dough to make before we close up shop. It’s good that we are almost done because Thanksgiving is just next week. Eeek! And I have done nothing to get ready for that event. We won’t even mention the holiday that comes after next week’s.

It’s all good stuff, though, so I am not complaining; just trying to get myself geared up and ready for the busy season. One thing I would like to get done in the next week or so is my swoon quilt.


The quilting is all done. Basically, I just quilted lines diagonally every three inches. Now, I need to put together a binding and sew it on. It will be nice to have this off of my to do list so that I can concentrate on some other projects that have been waiting somewhat impatiently for their turn. I’ll have to give you more details on those another time. Right now, I have to go make some more cookie dough. Can you believe we have used 22 pounds of butter so far?


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