Daily Archives: November 15, 2012

Final Numbers

There is one last batch of cookie dough to make today and we will be all done. The husband is really looking forward to the end now. I think he might be tired of going out to eat because the kitchen and dining room and fridge are a mess from our cookie craze. The boys made up the last of the labels yesterday and declared that they were not bored of the project yet. The younger actually seemed disappointed that we would not be taking any more orders beginning today.

I can understand a little bit of that disappointment. They have watched our tally grow steadily from the first day until their goal was reached last week. Then, there was the mounting excitement every time a new order was taken and added to the tally. From a kid’s point of view, that’s the best part of the project, I think. When you look at what we accomplished in just three short weeks, it is rather astounding.

We used approximately:

35 pounds of flour.
30 pounds of butter.
25 pounds of sugar.
10 pounds chocolate chips.
5 pounds dried cranberries.
5 pounds oatmeal.
4-5 pounds nuts.

We took in 90 orders. That’s 1310 cookies or 109 dozen (plus a few) cookies and 4 orders of granola. The final breakdown of the orders was interesting to watch. Each year, we change our offerings, so it is always fascinating to see if the new ones get ordered and which ones get left behind. Our biggest seller this year was an old standby: snickerdoodles, with a whopping 11 orders. The next closest was a newcomer, the compost cookie, with 8 orders. At the bottom of the list was sugar cookies, bringing in only one order, even though, when I took them to a meeting, they were declared the best sugar cookies ever eaten by several people.

In all, we have raised close to one thousand dollars! Amazing! To all of you who placed orders. Thank you. Every time you bake or eat one of our cookies, I hope that you will think and pray about those who are less fortunate that you have helped a little by buying our cookies. We hope that each cookie is made sweeter with these thoughts. And when you run out, we hope that you will remember to get more next time!

If you missed ordering or just want some more, feel free to send me a message. We have a few batches leftover of various kinds. You might get lucky. Otherwise, the Cookie Dough Factory is officially closed until next year. Thank you everyone!