Sweet Stuff

You would think after making over one hundred dozen cookies in the last couple of weeks that I would be tired of making cookies.  Something happens to me sometimes, though, when I get immersed in a project.  I get into the groove of making stuff and just cannot seem to stop making stuff.  Last week, at the tail end of our cookie making, I found myself with an itch to make a different kind of cookie.  The recipe comes from the Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook (the same one that has the compost cookie recipe that sold so well for us) and is just as unusual as all the other recipes in the book.

This cookie uses cornflakes.


And marshmallows, as well as the usual stuff, such as chocolate chips.


I had high hopes for this one.  They looked good out of the oven.


But all the marshmallows melted into hard sticky spots and they were super sweet.  I guess I overbaked them.  Ah well, I froze the rest of the dough, so I will try again another time.

After that disappointment, I decided to move on to candy.  First, there were more caramels.  This time, pumpkin with spices and pumpkin seeds.


These turned out incredibly well and, thanks to little helpers, got all cut up and wrapped before I had a chance to take a single photo.  But, of course, I had to try one, so here it is.


Click here for the recipe.  It was delicious.  I added a large dash of cayenne pepper, which gave them just the right amount of kick.

Happy with my success here, I moved on to more confections.


Caramel popcorn, using this recipe.  Oh. My.  I love caramel popcorn and this is the best I have ever tasted.  It was super easy to make as well.

Lastly, but not leastly, I just had to try another candy recipe.  Rosemary Pine Nut Brittle with Sea Salt.


Yum!  You can find the recipe here.

Why, you ask, have I gone crazy with all this candy making?  Well, I finally got a new candy thermometer that works.  It sits in the pan without falling over (too much) and is easy to read.  It even has key temperature points marked, such as soft ball, hard ball, etc.


I got the thermometer from King Arthur Flour.  Speaking of KAF, I just got an email from them offering free shipping to all my readers on orders placed on Thursday that are over $60.  You can access the special by clicking here.  I know, Thursday is Thanksgiving Day, but you could scope it out now and make a list.  If you do a lot of holiday baking, like I do, it’s worth considering.  Or, you could just sign up to be on their email list and get their special emails which have coupons or specials included.

The other reason I’ve been making lots of candy is to test the recipes to see if they would make good Christmas presents.  We have liked every one of these and will probably be making more batches in the very near future to give away for Christmas.  Everyone likes a little something sweet, right?

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  1. I think I need to come over and help you. Will there be taste testing afterwards?

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