I’d Rather Have a Cookie

Ok. I know this is going to seem strange to many of you, but I have to say this before I say anything about this week’s TwD recipe. I’m not really a chocolate person. I like chocolate sometimes, but it is really rare for me to actually want a piece of chocolate or chocolate flavored thing. Most times, I would rather have a cookie or something fruity.

Still, I don’t mind making chocolatey things. I still like chocolate. I just don’t love it like some people seem to do. The recipe for this week, The Best Ever Brownies, will spark a lot of comments, I am sure, as to whether or not the claim is true. Me, I don’t really have an opinion on it because, as I have said, I am not a chocolate person. Except for the unusual mixing instructions, these brownies didn’t really distinguish themselves in any way to me.

The first thing I have to say about the making of these brownies is that it involves a lot of bowls. Three bowls and a pot, if you follow the directions exactly, which I did not. I used two bowls and a pot.


Instead of pouring the chocolate mixture into its own bowl and then folding the whipped egg/sugar mixture into the chocolate, I just added all the chocolate stuff in the pot to the eggs and folded away. The chocolate all sank to the bottom anyway, so I am not sure there would be a noticeable difference and it saved me a bowl to wash. I am all about saving on dishes.


It promises to be a fudgey brownie and it certainly lives up to its claim. Lots of chocolate flavor and soft, fudgey texture. Everyone who tried it liked them, but nobody told me it was the best brownie they had ever eaten. As for me, I had half a piece and I think that was enough for me for the rest of the year. Maybe it’s because I’ve been buried in cookies for three weeks, but they just didn’t seem extraordinary to me. I’m not sure my opinion is to be trusted, though. You can find the recipe here.

Me, I’ll be over here eating more cookies.


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  1. Your “Best-Ever Brownies” look so wonderful, they have a dark chocolaty color and the perfect texture and “crust” – I am sure that they were just fabulous! And your cookies look wonderful too! You made me smile when you mentioned that you have been “buried in cookies for the last three weeks” – sounds like me, although it has just ben a week for me.

  2. Unecessary dishes bum me out…
    Your brownies look good, but yeah, I would rather have a cookie 🙂

  3. I can totally understand how someone who is underwhelmed by chocolate wouldn’t be impressed with these. I love chocolate, but these were so rich and intense. They were good, but I wouldn’t call them “best-ever.” Even so, yours definitely do look delish – as do your cookies!

  4. Not my favorites, though the baking method was different so that was interesting. Maybe I’m just picky about my brownies…. They certainly LOOK good, though!

  5. Beverly Winchester

    Although I do prefer the more cake-like brownie texture- these brownies you turned out look pretty darn delicious to me!

  6. Your brownies look super fudgy. I’m with you in the non-chocoholic camp. Chocolate is OK, but not to die for. Give me a simpler dessert anytime. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

  7. I like chocolate but I don´t eat it much, and never bake to eat it. But these brownies were really good. One of the best. They turned out like they should, very fudgy and with that crunchy crust! Great job with them and the cookies!

  8. I actually prefer a fruity type of dessert myself. But, chocolate ever now and then isn’t so bad. Great post!

  9. Although I am a true chocolate lover, I prefer pure chocolate than to taste it in chocolate baked goods. I am taking 90% cocoa bars here 🙂 These brownies are indeed choco intense! I would not refuse your raisin cookies though – they look delightfully crispy. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  10. Not thinking I put all the sugar into the chocolate. Still came out just right!! Like yours!

  11. I like cookies too! I’m impressed you still made this one if you’ve been buried in cookies lately!

  12. I prefer one bowl brownies myself. Your brownies look wonderful as well as the cookies!

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