Ack. Things are beginning to get really busy now. I hardly have any time to think, much less write something coherent here. But, there are a few things done.

1. My squall shawl if finally done and blocked. I finished knitting it some weeks ago and only just got around to blocking last week. This shawl got started months ago and I am really glad it is done.


2. I finished another hat.


3. The caramels have been made. The boys are working on wrapping, bagging, and tagging them for their Christmas Bazaar next week. Unfortunately, they are more like hard candy than soft, but still pretty tasty.


4. Yay! I also got this weeks FFwD recipe done on time! Creamy Cauliflower Soup Sans Cream was right up my alley! Of course, I just had to add some bacon because it was just calling me. Trader Joe’s sells these great packages of bacon ends and bits that are perfect for soups.


The soup was easy to put together.


It’s kinda boring to look at, but really tasty. It was a little sweet from the onion and everyone loved the little salty bits of bacon.


I wish I could get better pictures of things in my house at night, but we just don’t have great lighting. The sun is setting earlier and earlier these days.

It seems like with everything I check off my list, five new things get added to it. I think I need a little nap now. How’s your to-do list coming along?


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  1. What a very busy time of year – I am really very impressed with your amazing needle work, I am sure that the recipients of these hand-made gifts will be thrilled (I am assuming these are gifts?!). And your Creamy Cauliflower Soup with crumbled bacon looks delicious!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Your shawl looks beautiful and I agree that this soup is perfect for winter time. With just three of us in the house now, I have plenty to freeze for another cold evening. 🙂 I added mussels to mine … curried ones.

  3. So busy here too! Mostly with cooking and baking though! I have the same photography problem – all of my photos are taken by night, in my inadequately lit kitchen. Just another thing to love about summer, I guess. Lighting aside, your soup still looks terrific! Especially with all that wonderful bacon!

  4. What a lovely shawl. I wish I knew how to do that. And the soup sounds delicious. the bacon was a perfect addition.

  5. Beautiful shawl. You have been busy. Your soup looks delicious:) The salty bits of bacon add a nice color to the soup.

  6. Your squall shawl is amazing. What lovely needlework. You are a talented lady. Love the hat. I would love to see your boys wrapping, bagging and tagging up those caramels. How many go into their mouths? Your a busy lady but I am glad you had time to make this week’s cauliflower soup. I found it delicious and I think bacon is a great touch. Will look for the bacon pieces at my Trader Joe’s. I don’t think I have seen them yet.

  7. Wow – you have been busy. Your shawl and hat are gorgeous 🙂
    I hope you get your well deserved rest soon…

  8. You’ve gotten a lot done! Kudos!

  9. Your shawl and hat are beautiful! And your cauliflower soup looks wonderfully delicious!!

  10. The soup looks good, but the shawl looks amazing! I’m a knitter, so I know how much work you put into that. Gorgeous!

  11. I know what you mean about the lighting – everything always looks vaguely red when I photograph in the evening because of the light in my dining room. Oh well. Your hat and shawl look beautiful! I don’t know how you find the time.

  12. Gorgeous shawl! The hat is very cute, too. I can’t imagine how you managed to fit the soup in – you’ve got so much going on!

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