Day 3: Panforte and a Give-away

Hello! It’s day three of my 12 Days of Christmas Bread series. Today, we are returning to Italy to sample a treat that I have never before made or even tried. Panforte, meaning strong bread, is not really a bread. It has no yeast and barely has any flour. In fact, it is mostly nuts, honey, sugar, and citron, with a little chocolate thrown in along with a generous helping of spices. And really, with that list of ingredients, there is not much to like, right?


The trickiest part of the recipe is stirring in the hot honey syrup into the nut mixture. It gets hard very quickly and becomes difficult to stir. Next time, I will probably try to put the honey in a bigger pot and stir the dry mixture into the wet instead of the other way around.


It all worked out ok, though. To make gifting easier, I made the recipe in four 4.5 inch springform pans, and I rather like the way they turned out. They are super cute and just the right size for giving away. Also, making them in little pans gives us the freedom to try some right away without having to cut into a big round.


The recipe says that panforte can keep for weeks if wrapped well, but since I have never tasted one, I did not want to wait that long before at least trying it, so I cut it open. It’s pretty tough to slice through, but not tough to eat. It is kind of like eating nougat, only more dense and not as sticky. The chocolate makes it taste similar to a brownie, but with lots of fragrant spices. The husband had four pieces of it. I found the cinnamon a little overpowering, but that might mellow with time.

All in all, we all like it a lot! I wonder if you would like to try it? Well, I am offering a Holiday Treat Give-away! I am going to fill a small box with holiday treats that I have made and ship it to one of you commenters. All you have to do is leave a comment during my 12 Days of Christmas Breads series. You can leave one comment per day (duplicates from the same person on a given post will only be counted once), so if you leave a comment every day, you will increase your chance of winning. This is retroactive, so if you’ve already left a comment this week, then you’re already entered. Because all the items I am planning to put in the box are good keepers, this give-away is open to everyone, local and international! Of course, this means that the contest is open for comments through December 21, so it is unlikely that the winner will receive their prize until after Christmas, unless you live in my local area. But, isn’t it fun to receive presents, no matter when they arrive?


The first item to go in the box is a loaf of stollen from yesterday. Next to it will be one loaf of panforte. So, comment away and let the fun begin!


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  1. This looks DELICIOUS!!!

  2. Looks delicious! Keep up the good (and hard) work!

  3. Paige Eickelberg

    Chocolate and nuts, right up my alley! Did the fact that I commented directly on your facebook post yesterday still count?

  4. This is such a fun idea! I hope all your bread goes well for you 🙂

  5. This looks like the perfect contrast to add to a cheese platter.

  6. Thanks for offering a giveaway!

  7. Another recipe I have never tried! Looking forward to the giveaway! Thanks!

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