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Day 8: Snowflake Buns

Family traditions. I didn’t really grow up with any. For this reason, I think I may overcompensate a bit with my family now. This all makes me wonder. How does a family tradition get started?

Today’s bread is not a tradition in any other place but our house. I first made these buns 7 or 8 years ago and we all fell in love with them. Every time I eat one, I catch myself thinking, “this is the best thing I have ever eaten.”


Really, though. What’s not to like? The bun is made of a very rich and soft brioche dough. Generous amounts of chocolate and kirsch soaked dried cherries are rolled into the dough on baking day. Then, it is topped with a snowflake-shaped sugar cookie, glazed with egg wash, sprinkled with pearl sugar, and baked until puffy and lightly browned.


Somehow, I think it is the sugar cookie that takes the whole thing over the top into the land of Super Special Christmas Treat. I make the dough periodically year-round, but I only make it with the sugar cookie on top during the holidays. When the bun is eaten just warm out of the oven, the sweet crunch of the cookie on top of the pillowy brioche is enough to make anyone love it, but if you get a soft melted bit of chocolate or a sweet-tart cherry, it might make you swoon.


Of all the Christmas treats I make every year, this is my personal favorite and one that I hope to be making for many years to come. Maybe, it’s because this treat is one that we all sort of found together. It’s not something I “borrowed” from another culture. This is something we all look forward to every year and our anticipation and enjoyment of it brings us together; brings us closer. Now, as always, it is important for all of us to cherish our loved ones. Eat together. Bake together. Talk. The traditions will follow.


The recipe I use is the one for Baking Team USA Caps that you can find in the wonderful book, Artisan Baking. Aside from the wonderful recipes, I love that all of the recipes in this book are from small, artisan bakeries all across America.

Now, don’t forget to leave comments for the give-away! Today, will you tell me about your favorite family holiday tradition? I love to hear about other families’ traditions!