Stitchy Business

Here are some recently finished knitted objects. One is a fair isle hat/cap that I stuffed into the husband’s stocking. I knit it in the week up to Christmas while we were watching TV. We had a little scuffle over it when I was done because he wanted it, and, even though I made it for him, I did not want him to know I made it for him, so I had to pretend it was for me. Somehow, I do not think he was fooled.


He was so pleased with the hat that he took me to the yarn store later on in the week to make sure I knew he was in support of my obsession hobby. Isn’t he great?

After that, I cast on for a hat that was supposed to be one to match a pair of mittens that I had made a few years ago. Unfortunately, something happened to my calculations or maybe it was the post holiday exhaustion that addled my brain. It did not turn out to be quite the right size for me.


But, it is just right for my younger son. I am not sure he deserves to own this hat since he managed to lose the last one I knit for him, but he is the only one in the house that can wear it.

I also managed to finish a pair of socks that have been on the needles for over a year. This pair of socks is riddled with mistakes. I knit the first sock with some decreases in the leg that turned out to be in the wrong place when I was done. They are also a tad too short for me. You can see the decreases in this picture. I also had a bit of trouble with the heel, which required using two strands at a time. I kept getting them mixed up and tangled. Ugh.


Discouraged, I vowed to rip the whole thing out, but first, I decided to knit the sock again and reknit that first one later. This time, I followed the directions, but I got so bored and irritated with the project that I put it away in favor of other, more gratifying projects. I managed to finish this sock last week while I was in my “lazy” knitting mode.


It fits much better. That’s when I decided to be done. No way did I want to knit this sock pattern a Third time. Nope. This pair of socks is just going to remain imperfect, slightly ill fitting, and non matchy. Like I tell my kids with their school work: sometimes it’s better that it is done than perfectly done. Sometimes, you just need to move on, you know?

That’s just what I did. Now, I have another pair of socks on the needles. This time, there is no fancy pattern; just plain, plain knitting.


This is how much I got done while watching the first half of The Hobbit. Movie theater knitting can be tough. It’s dark in there and, if it is an action movie, it is difficult to keep track of things. Halfway through the movie, I thought I dropped a stitch, and there was no way I could take my attention away from the movie, so I put it away. Otherwise, I would have been able to do a couple more inches.

Lastly, I have been chugging my way slowly through my sprossling sweater. So far, I have two sleeves, a back, and part of one of the fronts.


Like the movie socks, I would be a couple of inches farther along on the front if I had not made a mistake while my attention was diverted by Downton Abbey last night. Oh well. The net progress was positive, so I’ll not complain too much. Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish this sweater before the series is done. That’s my unofficial goal, anyway. Of course, I could always get distracted by some other project.



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  1. I like your husband’s hat. And how wonderful of him to support your addiction, em, hobby.

  2. Oh my gosh, everything is gorgeous, including the socks! I don’t know how many hours are in your day but it’s definitely more than in mine! I was so excited for the first episode of Downton that I actually put my knitting DOWN to watch it!

  3. Love the knit hats. My Mother always made my Father’s sox because he had a leg injury which prevented him from wearing anything with elastic or that would be binding. It’s such a memory of her – many evenings, watching television and knitting Dad’s socks. Your Post gave me a little memory pang. Bittersweet.

  4. wow, what lovely knitting! i totally understand the aches and pains of sock knitting sometimes so good to have those done. yay!

  5. Cool! Love all of these knitting projects. I can’t knit (although in the dim dark past my mother taught me garter stitch), so i admire all of your projects, including the socks.

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