How can you visit 12 countries in two hours? Well, physically, I am pretty sure it is impossible, but the boys and I managed to do it yesterday at our homeschool group’s annual International Luncheon. Every family studies a country, prepares a display and oral presentation, and brings a food from that country to share with everyone. This kind of event is right up my alley, since I love food of all kinds, and am interested in all kinds of different cultures. This year, I got to be in charge, so I was not able to relax and enjoy it as much as I would have liked, but it was still super fun.


We represented Israel and it was as much a trip down memory lane for me as it was a research project for them. Twenty years ago, I spent 6 weeks there and those days are, hopefully, etched in my brain forever. The food, the sights, and feelings all came rushing back at me. Especially the food. Unfortunately, this is pretty much the only decent photo I got during the event. I meant to take photos of the chicken and rice dishes that I made, but it was kind of a hectic week, made slightly more hectic when several families came down with the flu (yes, the one that is going around like wildfire) and left me totally and completely in charge. All this is to explain why you are reading a post about homeschool activities instead of the usual FfwD. Well, Long and Slow Apples will have to wait. So will pictures and the recipe for the fabulous chicken I made for the lunch.

Today, I am rewarding myself with a day off. So far, I have gone for a long walk with a friend, done a little shopping, and worked on a new knitting project.


I think I am going to try to squeeze in a nap as well.


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  1. The current weather is perfect for napping. Nap on!

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