Goodbye Grellow

Do you ever have color phases in your life? I seem to go through them. There was the year I bought four blue dresses. Then there was a phase when I bought lots of pink. Pink shirts, pink sweaters, and pink yarn.

Yes, these phases seem to spill over into my crafting as well. A couple of years ago, pretty much all the fabric I bought was white and black and red. Last year was the year of grey and yellow or a combination of the two, grellow.

It all began with my swoon quilt, which has substantial amounts of grellow, with some other colors thrown in for variety. At the time, I thought that grey was going to be my new neutral favorite, but, over time, I think it has not. It’s just, well, too grey for me.


My least favorite blocks are the ones that are just grey and yellow. I guess I just like colors like orange, pink, and blue better.


Then, there was this pillow that I made through the curves class I took last year.

I just got around to finishing this last week, almost a full year after the curved block was done.


Honestly, even though I think it looks ok, I am not too happy with the arrangement and the grellow color combination. It’s just so, um, last year. I like the back much better.

Now, I am considering colors for this year and my next sewing projects. This year’s pantone color of the year is emerald. I don’t know who pantone is or why they feel the need to choose a color of the year, but I guess I shouldn’t really try to explain it, given my color phases. Presently, I am auditioning green, blue, and various shades of reddish pink. I’m sure grey and yellow will make its way in somewhere. After all, I have lots of scraps, but I don’t think they will ever make its way back into prominence here.

How about you? What colors are you liking right now?

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  1. I am currently obsessed with purple. I have never worn purple, owned anything purple or even admired purple. It just came on, all of a sudden, like the flu. Maybe next year (when we’re good and bored) we can swap 🙂

  2. Your creations are fantastic! I love your quilts especially!

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