Gathering Up the Courage

Life is full of big and little challenges and obstacles to overcome. To grow, mature, and learn, we must all face them, whether or not we feel prepared for them. Sometimes the challenges are of our own making and other times, we have no control over the things we must face. This is a way more serious introduction than I intended for this post, but I think that the less serious challenges in our lives help train us to face the big ones. I have had a couple little challenges/obstacles this week, and I have responded differently to each one.

1. The green sprossling sweater. All the parts were done and I set about the work of blocking before sewing up. I never do this, but the pieces were super curly, so I thought I would try it to help making the sewing up part easier.


This is when I discovered a major mistake. I had done all the shaping wrong on one of the front pieces. This is what happens when you try to do increases and decreases while watching Downton Abbey. It’s not a mistake I could ignore since it would be really obvious that the shaping on this piece would not be symmetrical with the shaping on the other side. I did what any seasoned knitter would do. I ripped it back, picked up the stitches at the proper point, fixed and reknit the problem area, while double, triple, and quadruple checking. Then, with the mistake fixed, I abandoned it and worked on something else (the mystery shawl is coming along nicely, thank you).

2. The flowery yoked jacket aka blaithin. Remember this one? I didn’t think so. It’s been languishing for awhile. Occasionally, it would get a little attention, but mostly it’s been sitting in the basket because it’s heavy, the yarn is kinda stiff and crunchy, and it just was not cold enough to motivate me. Well, the weather sure did change this week to be quite frosty, so, with the thought that it would be nice to finish this and have a possibility of wearing it in the right season, I pushed myself and my hands to finish up the yoke.


Now, I am at a bit of a standstill while I gather up the courage to steek it. Yes, I have to cut this sweater. There are some complicated directions involving a crochet hook and knitting bands and i-cords and finishing off the provisional cast on edges (did I mention that every cast on is a provisional one?). I am going to need quite a bit of courage, time, and sheer determination to get this done. The husband, when he saw it said, “Great! You’re almost done!” Um. No, no. I am nowhere near done.

Whoa, I think just writing about those two things took the wind out of me. Bread. Yes. I need to go bake some bread. Art imitates life and, sometimes, one just needs to escape for a little while.


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  1. I adore your needlework (and the sewing) and every time I look at your projects/works in progress (or your finished works of art) , I always regret that I do not really knit or crochet or sew anymore, I mean I used to be totally hooked and I really admire all the time, love and effort you invest in all these beautiful crafts! Respect!

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