Better than Those Other Ones

Ok. Get ready. I am about to say something that I know some will find absolutely shocking. (whispering) I do not like Oreos. There. I said it. I know. It has something to do with how the cookie turns into a paste in my mouth and the cream in the middle has the mouthfeel of raw shortening, which, of course, is part of its makeup.

However, the idea of the cookie is not a bad one and so I was curious to try the Bouchon Bakery version, TKOs. I made up a whole bunch of the chocolate cookies as hearts last week to hand out to friends for V-day, but for us, I made a few with the white chocolate filling.


Firstly, it’s important to whip the white chocolate filling or else it is too runny, but once whipped, it is perfect for sandwich cookies.


How are they? In a word: sublime. The cookies are buttery, chocolatey, and a little salty, which is a good foil for the melt-in-your-mouth creamy, sweet filling. Both the cookie and the filling were easy to make, so there is only the matter of time that stands in my way of these cookies when I want them.

And, they are So, So much better than those other cookies I talked about earlier.

Also, I managed to make the chocolate chunk and chocolate chip cookie recipe from the same book.


This recipe used extra dark chocolate, 72% as well as regular chocolate chips. The dough was beautifully silky, very unlike those stiff, break your mixer doughs that so often characterize cookie making. And the cookies baked up very nicely. You’ll notice that I did not make them saucer-sized, as these were made for a crowd, and I wanted more quantity.


They are less sweet than the recipe that I usually make, but I like that. Also, because there are some big chunks of dark chocolate in them, the cookies are also very, very chocolatey. It goes without saying that these are much better than store bought, packaged cookies. But are they better than your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe? I’m not sure I have strong opinions about chocolate chip cookies, so you’ll just have to buy the book, and make them for yourself to see.


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  1. I don’t like those-cookies-that-shall-not-be-named either. I’d post a longer comment, but I am so inspired that I’m on my way down to the kitchen to make chocolate chip cookies. Immediately.

  2. Oh man I need these epic cookies in my life and mouth!

  3. I have the Bouchon Bakery cookbook and haven’t made anything from it yet – it’s so beautiful that I just like to leave it out and page through it from time to time. Gotta try these though – I love how they pipe the frosting into the TKO’s in the book but I don’t know that I’d take the time either. I absolutely love Oreo’s so I can’t relate to that but both of these cookies look amazing!

  4. I’ve never heard a bad thing about a Bouchon Bakery recipe, so this is worth a shot!

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