Chocolate+Bourbon=Boca Negra

Chocolate. Bourbon. Sugar. Butter. Eggs. That’s pretty much the entire ingredient list of this cake. There’s a tiny bit of flour, but otherwise, it’s flourless.


To be honest, I was not sure I would like this recipe. After all, chocolate is not my favorite thing to eat, but at least it was super easy. I boiled the bourbon sugar mixture in the microwave, and the fumes were almost enough to knock someone over!


Then, it was five minutes blending everything in the food processor, and all the prep work was done. I baked it for exactly 31 minutes and we all thought it was perfectly done, soft and fudgey, but not gooey.

I was a little nervous about all the bourbon, but the husband just kept telling me to go with it. I did add a little vanilla extract, though. The white chocolate cream was even easier to prepare than the cake, and it was the perfect melt-in-your-mouth consistency, though I did leave out the bourbon here. It was a perfect compliment to the cake and we did not miss the extra bourbon in the cream. By itself, the cake is a bit strong, but with the cream, it is just right.


I took it to my biweekly women’s craft group last night and it was a hit. I kept warning people about the bourbon, just in case that might turn someone off, but I think it actually attracted people to the cake even more! We had a lively night, eating cake, talking Downton Abbey, and working on our crafts. More of this cake was eaten than most things that I bring to share, so it must have been good! Even my boys liked it.

Seriously, this cake couldn’t be easier to make. You can get the recipe here. Just be careful not to get trampled over when you go to serve it!

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  1. I was one of those crafters attracted to the cake, and it was fabulous! I agree about the white chocolate cream, it was a perfect pairing. I will try this recipe Carie, thanks!

  2. The texture on your cake looks pefect & the white chocolate cream did a nice job of mellowing the richness, didn’t it?

  3. Liquor in baking is always a selling point! Looks delicious!

  4. Fear not Mr. Bourbon…he is your friend! Can’t wait to try this recipe 🙂

  5. I would have eaten this whole thing myself if there weren’t people watching. So delicious and I think I might even try to make it myself, it was that good.

  6. Am not surprised your cake was a hit – it definitely looks like a lovely luscious chocolate cake, Well done!

  7. What a pretty Boca Negra you made, it looks like perfection! I am sure that your fellow crafters were quite happy enjoying a slice of your cake with the white chocolate sauce – it is nice that so many of us liked this amazingly delicious recipe!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday!
    P.S.: Last night I started crocheting again (after years without having touched a crochet hook) and I enjoyed it so much and it made me think of all your amazing crafts that I truly admire).

  8. I agree that this cake was super easy to make. Yours looks beautiful.

  9. Your cake looks sublime. Just perfect!

  10. Your slice looks so silky smooth! Loved this recipe – a keeper!

  11. Your cake turned out beautifully! 31 minutes… that sounds pretty precise 😉 Congratulations on a great looking cake.

  12. Beautifully done!!! Your oven cooperated where mine did not 🙂

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