Sourdough Sweet Bread Variations

Remember when I made that Fruit Studded Not Flatbread a little while ago? Well, we loved that bread so much that I have continued making that dough, remaking it into all kinds of good stuff.


I rolled it out into a large thin sheet, filled it with butter, sugar, cinnamon, and rum-soaked fruit, and baked it up for delicious Cinnamon Fruit Buns.


Next, I made the dough into loaves for sandwiches.


With these loaves, I thought I might be pushing to dough a little too far. I let it rise to well above the rim of the pan, which was more than double the original volume of the dough. Hoping the dough would not fall in the oven, I baked it up.


Clearly, I need not have worried. This dough has incredible oven spring. In fact, I have never seen a dough with such incredible oven spring. Also, amazingly, even with all the rising and springing, the texture of the dough does not suffer.


My most recent variation combined this bread with my neverending quest to use up the jam in my cupboard. I rolled out the dough as thin as I could get it, slathered jam on top, placed another piece of dough on top, and topped it all with a crumb topping.


It’s like a giant jam-filled crumb bun. These have raspberry jam, but I also made a tray with apple butter. They are pretty scrumptious.

This recipe has quickly become our favorite everyday bread dough. It’s perfect for breakfast toast, for sandwiches, and for making into all kinds of tasty treats. I know it’s white bread, so I am flying in the face of the crunchy granola healthy camp, but I don’t care. I’ll just eat more kale for dinner. I’m thinking of going salty in my next experiment with the dough. Anyone have any suggestions?

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