Daily Archives: February 26, 2013

Back on Track

This past week has been crazy busy with all kinds of special activities.

We had car races, which involved a variety of emotions ranging from excitement to disappointment to anxiety to joy. It was a veritable roller coaster of an event, the effects of which lingered in our house for a day or two.


Then we had a hectic couple of days of cooking and cleaning to get ready for our (sort of) annual Chinese New Year dinner party, of which I got absolutely no pictures. All that I have to show for it are these menus, which the elder drafted, and a lot of leftovers in the fridge.


Yesterday, was a perfect day to go downtown to the aquarium to visit some of the animals. We saw some fun things there, including this skink. Apparently, if this little thing is attacked by his tail, he can detach it and get away. The tail will just grow back.


Does this sound busy? I haven’t even mentioned the African American Family Art festival that we went to on Saturday or our other weekly sports events.

Today, I am focusing on just getting back on track with our normal schedule of life. School. Tea. Snack breaks. Nap. Knitting. Those are the things I am focusing on today. Oh, and knitting involves beading.


There were a lot more beads in this bowl when I started. This is the last week of my mystery shawl knit along. Despite all of the crazy activity around here, I have managed to stay on schedule with this project.


It just looks like a messy blob now, but this time next week, I hope to be blocking. Fun!
That is, if nothing crazy pops up.