Not Snowy Day

Our snowstorm yesterday turned out to be a big disappointment. It started off in a promising way with big, fat snowflakes and an inch or two of wet snow covering most things. However, the day turned out to be like many other snowy days recently: a rainy day. Everyone around here agrees that a rainy day is not nearly as fun as a snow day and, as the day progressed and the snow melted away, I knew I would have to do something.

Sigh. What’s a parent to do?


Well, we turned it into a rainy day activity day. First, we made lighthouses out of oatmeal and pringle cans. This was supposed to be a model of the famed Alexandrian lighthouse, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The elder rigged up a light at the top using his snap circuits set.


Then, we made pipe cleaner animals and set up a little ark scene. I got this little kit on a clearance sale a long time ago and was saving it for a rainy day. Very cute, are they not?


The boys were not the only ones to indulge in some crafting. I was able to get my mystery shawl blocked. It was a challenge to find enough floor space in my house to spread this out. Can you see what the mystery pattern turned out to be? Tulips!


Of course, if I knew it was going to be a flowery theme, I might have picked a different yarn color. When the husband saw it, he immediately called them dead tulips because when the shawl is worn, the tulips are hanging upside down. Regardless of the orientation of the tulips, I love the shawl. Th beads add a lovey heft and sparkle to the shawl and helps it to drape wonderfully around the shoulders. You can find the pattern here. It was great fun doing a mystery knit along, and I am sad it is over. In fact, I was so sad that I had to start another shawl.


This time, I am thinking of spring, with this lovely laceweight alpaca yarn from the Knitspot Fall in Full Color club. Just looking at this color makes me happy. The pattern for this shawl is challenging, with lace on both sides and nupps!


To counter balance the complicated lace, I had to start a little kid sweater in worsted weight yarn. Actually, I started it about 3 times before I really started it for good. I am hoping this will be a quick knit. That is, if I don’t get distracted by something else.


Like bread. Harvest Bread from Bread by Jeffrey Hamelman. This book has been my bedtime reading lately. I have been finding the recipes highly entertaining, not because they are really funny in any way, but because he gives recipe amounts to make bread on a large scale. If you want a recipe for making 29 loaves of bread, it’s here, right next to the formula for making 2. As much as I would have absolutely Loved making 29 loaves of bread, yesterday, I only made two. It was delicious. Today, I will bake two more. Why? Because there’s room in the freezer and it must be filled.

Who says a rainy (not snowy) day can’t be fun?

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  1. That baby sweater pattern you found is super cute. Maybe I should knit that for my little one that’s coming…. You have lit a little knitting flame in my head that has been sadly dim lately…. thanks!

  2. What cute pipe cleaner animals!

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