Finished Little Knits

Every once in awhile, it is nice to take a break from some bigger projects and do some little ones. These are probably as close as you’ll get to instant gratification in knitting.


Here are the camel mittens to match the camel hat I finished a couple of weeks ago.


They are a little long for the older one, but winter is pretty much over this year, so they will go in a box to await the next cold season.


I finally made it to the craft store for some buttons for this little kiddie sweater that I finished over the weekend. The buttons really take the sweater over the edge into adorable-land, but because of the double breasted nature, there are twice as many buttons to button. Ah, well. We must make sacrifices for fashion.


From start to finish, this sweater took less than two weeks. That is really fast! There are more details on my Ravelry page if you want to know about my yarn and modifications. Basically, I used the stitch count for the largest size (4T, I think), but knit to the measurements given for the 12-18 month size. I think it may have turned out a bit big, but I am not too worried. The great (and sad) thing about knitting for kids is that they will always grow into it, which, of course, means they will also grow out of it.


This sweater is bound for a different state, and since I have no munchkins close by that can model for me, this will have to do. If you need a super cute baby sweater to knit, but have little time, this is a good pattern to use.


I am not sure if it is all the heavy worsted weight knitting that I have been doing lately, but my wrists have been giving me some trouble, so I have had to back off on the knitting a little bit. I did manage a swatch last night.


This swatch, I hope, will lead to this. It will probably take me more than two weeks to knit it, though.


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  1. My word, that baby sweater is precious! And the pattern for your swatch is awesome! Very attractive… I can’t wait to see your finished product!

  2. The sweater is adorable Carie, I think I will get the pattern and make one as a gift.

  3. paige eickelberg

    Love that little sweater. It is super cute!

  4. The matching hat and gloves are so cute!!!

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