Focused on the Finish Line

Sometime between Sunday and Monday, I decided to get out all the unfinished knitting projects that I have lying around. I do this every once in awhile. It helps to take a look, think about why each project was set aside, and wonder if it is really worth the effort to finish them. Sometimes, they get put back, some get ripped out, and some get a little focused attention.

When I pulled it all out, I had, in various states of completion: 3 shawls, 2 pairless socks (meaning one sock was done and the other not even started), 1 pair of fingerless and thumbless mitts, and 6 sweaters.

One shawl got ripped out right away, partly for the needles and also because I just knew that it would never get done. The other two have been started fairly recently, so they got put back. They haven’t been around long enough yet to go through this process of elimination.


As for the socks, well, I will admit to having second sock syndrome. They got put aside. Eventually, I will finish them. It’s just a matter of time. I usually carry one around with me to knit while I am out and waiting for things.

Now, we get to the sweaters. Sweaters are a big investment of time and energy, not to mention yarn. They are also my favorite thing to knit. Two of the sweaters are have been recently started, so they got put aside for the same reason as the shawls above. Of the other four, there was one that had only one sleeve. I thought initially that I would rip it out, but since it is so small, I just set it aside for now. Maybe my mojo on that will return someday.

Instead, I turned my attention to the sweater farthest along. You saw it already on Monday when it got its steeking treatment. Well, since then, it has gone through the button band treatment, otherwise known as hiding the steek treatment. Then, it had the bind-off treatment, which involved an i-cord that circles around every edge of the sweater. Last night, it went in for its final treatment, the bath and blocking treatment.


Today, I have one finished sweater. Well, sort of. It still needs buttons.


Unfortunately, I do not love it. I regret my color choices. That brown color in the colorwork portion obscures the flower pattern and that irks me no end. The sweater does fit pretty well, which is a good thing, and for that reason I will probably wear it anyway. After all, I made it and it will be warm. I will just try not to look at it too much.


All this leaves just two old sweater projects that need some attention. One needs sleeves and the other needs a body. Too bad I can’t just frankenstein them together! Ah well, since I am done with the sweater above, I may pick up one of the other old ones. Maybe. The reality is, finishing one project is probably enough satisfaction for me for now. I’m thinking about casting on something new.


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  1. Mary Ann Knab

    Ah Carie, such honesty. Show me a knitter that cannot relate to this. Kudos to you for pulling out all those UFOs and taking some action. And the sweater is pretty, and lots of work went into it. Keep us posted as to what goes on the needles next!

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