Mashed Potato Bread with Cheese

Behind. That’s how I am feeling these days. Well, as the saying goes, better late than never, right? Well, I am not sure that saying would apply in all situations, but for Tuesdays with Dorie, I think it is probably fine. This is why my post on Rustic Potato Bread is happening today and not last week.


Anyway, back to the potato bread. In the annals of my brain, I have a memory of making this many years ago without peeling the potatoes. We did not care for the peel in our bread, so this time, I peeled them, after they were boiled, of course.


The dough, as the recipe says, gets really soft even though it starts off as a pretty stiff dough. To get it to clear the sides of the bowl, I added an extra few tablespoons of flour. Then, for the last rising, I decided to try out my linen couche. Up until now, I have been using parchment whenever a recipe called for a couche and, generally, it has worked for me.


I was surprised how little flour I needed to get a good coating on the couche. It really spread out quite nicely. My only trouble was that my couche was huge for the size of my loaves.


I chose to make my loaves skinner, and in the shaping process, I added some cheese to each loaf. One loaf has blue cheese, the other had some semi-hard lactose free cheese that had been sitting around in the fridge for awhile.


I have to say, now that I have used the couche, I may never go back to rising on parchment. The dough did not stick, even a tiny bit and that’s significant, given that this dough was really soft. The logs rolled right off the couche without any trouble. Plus, they had a wonderfully even coating of flour that made them look fabulous.


Parchment is still my best friend for baking. Nothing beats it ability to slide into the oven and onto my baking stone. Because of this, I have never felt the need for a baking peel. Also, it keeps stuff from sticking to my stone and makes it easier to take stuff out of the oven.


The loaves were beautiful coming out of the oven. They browned nicely and split attractively along the seam line. Potato breads are known for the soft texture and ability to stay moist for days. And these are no different. Throw in the fact that these are super easy and take just a few hours to make, and that’s what I call a magical recipe for bread.


Ok, this is a little blurry, but you can see the bits of cheese in the bread. I think they could have used more cheese, actually, but they were tasty. It was really good with the 15 bean, ham, and escarole soup that I made for dinner. And, now, 4 days later, the bread is still soft and tasty after being toasted.


If you would like to make this super easy bread that keeps well for days, you can find the recipe here. The only change I made to the recipe was to substitute 8 ounces of whole wheat flour for white and add the cheese. The whole wheat was nice, but I think I might have liked it better all white.


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  1. You cheese addition sounds lovely.

    I have always wanted to try working with a couche, but wasn’t sure what I would gain from it. It sounds like it could really be a bread baker’s friend – I am even more interested now.

  2. I too have been tempted to buy a couche – I just may have to do so soon. Your loaves turned out perfect! Nicely done, and your soup looks delicious!

  3. Your loaves turned out beautifully! I broke down and bought a couche last year and it is one of my favorite tools… but totally agree with you parchment is still my best friend too. Nice work!

  4. Is the couche made out of linen? I think I have one, but not sure. Anyway, your bread looks gorgeous & I hope it was enjoyed as much as ours was- what a winning recipe!

  5. Ooh, I like the use of cheese in the bread!

  6. Your bread looks wonderful and it’s good to know how well a couche works, too.

  7. Good idea to add cheese. Have to try that. It looks perfect for that lovely soup.

  8. I hadn’t heard of a couche, but it makes sense and sounds like a great kitchen accessory. I like that it’s reusable…saves paper. Your bread looks gorgeous, and the cheese fillings sound delicious.

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