A Quick Look Through

Every time I finish a big project, I spend some time going through all the ones I have going on to see if any of them catch my eye as the “official” next one to be finished. I realized that I had not taken pictures of them all yet and decided to go ahead and do that to update my ravelry project pages and share them with you. So, today, you get a rare glimpse of some of my knitting projects all at once. Beware. It can be a bit overwhelming. But, I like to have a lot of things going on because I am easily bored and because every situation needs a different knitting project. every project here has a different purpose. These are in no particular order.

Hers Anniversary Sweater. This is probably the oldest project going on right now. I do a row every now and again, but they are long, and I need some concentrated time to figure out the pattern and how to write it up.


Another sweater. This one I picked up this week to do the collar and button bands. It still lacks sleeves.


Oh, here’s more pink. This one’s a shawl. I have one repeat done and something like 24 left. This one will take awhile and I think I may aim to do two repeats a month in order to have it done in a year.


Here’s my mindless, can’t take my eyes off the tv during an action movie project. Eventually, it will be this. I am not in a hurry for this one to be done because I know that it will be worked on in fits and starts.


This one is my instant gratification project. It’s an infinity scarf made on big needles that I started on Sunday. I am already halfway done. It will probably be done soon.


Of course, since I don’t have enough choices, I began a new shawl today. I love this green. It is a mirror of all the new spring leaves that are appearing everywhere lately.


This project has not yet begun, but I am really itching to start knitting with this yarn. So far, I am looking at these options: Vanadium or maybe Amiga. My trouble is that I only have 2 skeins, so options are limited.


Lastly, I am a little bored with my two sock projects right now, so I have wound up a new skein and preparing to cast on another pair in a week or so. Maybe this will give me some incentive to finish one of the pairs I have on the needles now?


If you want more details, such as yarn choices, pattern details, and stuff like that, you are free to look at my projects page. It’s mostly updated now. Oh, and when you go and take a look, don’t be surprised to see some other works in progress that I did not show you here. This post only includes projects that did not have pictures yet!

Now, which would you pick to finish next?


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  1. I am amazed at all the projects you have going at the same time! I have always been a monogamous knitter and I marvel at the ability to do more than one project at once. Variety is the spice of life!

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