Daily Archives: May 14, 2013

Baby Steps

I have nothing finished to show you today. Just lots of half (or less) finished things, but there is progress there.


The silky yarn is still a pleasure and I’ve passed the armholes by a few inches now.


All the bits and pieces I need to start quilting my new pillows are all cut out and awaiting basting and layering.


Of course, progress on existing projects is delayed a bit when I start new things, like this long cowl/scarf thing.


And this new sock for the husband.


And mitts to go with the billow scarf that I finished a couple of weeks ago. Can you tell that I like to have a lot of things going on at once? You might think that I am easily distracted, but actually I am not. I just like a lot of variety. Everything gets worked on in its turn and they almost always get finished. It just takes a lot of baby steps. Kinda like life, really. We’re all unfinished projects, right?


By the way, I had the best meal on Sunday. This is a toasted english muffin with herbed sauteed mushrooms and spinach, topped with a poached egg, hollandaise sauce, and jumbo lump crab. The husband made it for me for mother’s day and it was scrumptious. I think I’ll keep him!


Oh, I did finish one thing this past weekend: my blocks for do.good.stitches. These are nice and cheery, aren’t they?

What are you working on lately?